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    • Entry Level Candidate
    • Candidate with 0 to 1 year of experience
    • Entry Level Computer Graduate
    • Cognitive Ability of employees

    Our questions measure the below mentioned relevant skills

    • Evaluate the data analyzing skills of candidates
    • Pie Chart, Bar Chart, Line Chart which consists of percentage increase-decrease problems, ratio- proportion problems on the data and many more
    • skills in fast comprehension of maths problem and finding the solution.
    • Pipes and Cistern
    • Simple Interest
    • Trains
    • Work and Time
    • Profit and Loss
    • Percentage
    • Ratio- Proportion
    • Mixtures and Allegations, Directions, Boats and Stream and many more.
    • C Language to assess the candidate's ability to successfully analyze and solve a wide variety of questions on C language. The section comprises questions which assess fundamental theoretical knowledge of C Language and basic coding skills questions.
    • Analytical Thinking to assess the candidate's ability to successfully analyze and solve a wide variety of problems. Sections consists questions of Statement & Conclusion and Logical Deduction.

    “Entry level software engineers must have strong cognitive abilities in order to succeed. Once we started using iMocha we have found that our fresh engineers are more suited to the demands of the job.”

    Ganesh Kulkarni
    HR - Nihilent

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