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    Use online soft skill assessment to assess and hire for jobs such as:

    • IT Professionals
    • Customer Support Consultant
    • Customer Excellence Manager
    • Customer Success Professionals
    • Customer Service Representative
    • Software Developer
    • Software Tester
    • Business Analyst
    • Sales Professionals
    • On-site Coordinators
    • Scrum Master
    • System Analyst
    • System Architect
    • Project Manager
    • Management Professionals
    • HR management
    • Business Executive
    • Operations Manager
    • Customer Service/Customer Support Executive
    • Sales Executives
    • Customer Success Executive
    • Business Development Executive
    • Sales Manager
    • Marketing Consultant
    • Project Manager
    • Business Manager
    • Business Sales Expert
    • Design Specialist
    • Business Analyst
    • HR Analyst
    • Social Media Executive
    • Expert Business Persuader
    • Marketing Manager
    • Business Research Analyst
    • Business Research Expert
    • Market Researcher
    • HR Recruiter
    • HR Executive
    • HR Manager

    Soft skills assessment test questions evaluate the following relevant skills of the candidates:

    • Customer Focus Competency Skills: Team Collaboration, Customer Focus, Communication, Accountability, & more.
    • Decision Making Skills: Communication, Problem-solving, Time management, Critical thinking, & more.
    • Business Email Etiquette Skills: Basic Knowledge of Email Etiquette, & more.
    • Emotional Intelligence Skills: Self-awareness, Self-motivation, Healthy Relationships, Dunning-Kruger Effect, Situation Handling Ability, Positive Emotions, & more.
    • Ownership and Accountability Skills: Accepting Mistakes, Being Solution Focused, Consistency, Flexibility, Getting Feedback, & more.
    • Personal Effectiveness Skills: Personal Responsibilities, Personal Authenticity, Equation of Authentic Happiness, Strategies and Priorities, Problem-Solving Skills, Visualization Techniques, Interpersonal Skills, & more.
    • Persuasion Skills: Elements of Persuasion, Principles of Persuasion, Persuasion and Influencing Skills, & more.
    • Research Skills: Primary Market Research, Qualitative Research Skills, Financial Ratio, Basics of Internet Searching Skills, Research Methods in Logistics, & more.
    • HR Aptitude Skills: Conflict resolutions skills, Communication Skills, Active listening skills, Presentation skills, Relationship building skills, & more.
    • People Management Skills: Employee well-being, Providing clarity and motivation, Components of constructive feedback, Styles of communication, Time management, Elements of active listening, & more.

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