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    Use Microsoft Azure technical tests to assess and hire for job roles such as:

    • Junior Azure Developer
    • Microsoft Azure Specialist
    • Azure Executive
    • Azure Expert
    • Microsoft Azure Developer
    • Microsoft Azure Cloud Developer
    • Cloud Solution Architecture-Azure App
    • Developer Azure & Mobile App Developer
    • Azure SQL Developer
    • Azure Solution Architect / SQL DBA
    • Azure BOT Developer
    • Sr. Software Developer - BOT
    • BOT Developers
    • Azure Data Developer
    • Azure Developer- Data Factory
    • Sr. Software Developer - Azure Data Factory
    • Machine Learning Specialist
    • Data Engineer-Machine Learning
    • Machine Learning Research Scientist
    • Senior Azure Developer

    Microsoft Azure cloud skills tests questions evaluate the following relevant skills of the candidates

    • Microsoft Azure Skills: Azure Storage, Azure Active Directives, Azure DocumentDB, Azure CosmosDB, Azure Media Service, Azure CDN Product, VPN Gateway, Virtual Network Gateway, Feature support, Migration, Monitoring, Functionality, Configuration, Deployment Platform Services & more.
    • Azure App Services Skills: Load Balancing, Configuration, Functionality, Hybrid, Deployment Platform, Service Type, & more.
    • SQL Azure Skills: Coding, Administration, Requirements, Feature Support, Migration, Replication, Monitoring, & more.
    • Azure Bot Services Skills: Channel Integration, Analytics, Bot Template, Testing Development, & more.
    • Azure Data Factory Skills: Deployment, Rest API, Custom Activity Development, Migration, Features, Data Management Gateway, & more.
    • Azure Machine Learning Skills: Model Selection, Feature Engineering, Feature Reduction, Data Import, Implementation, Data Analysis, Data Cleaning, & more.

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