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    Use our Sales skill tests to assess candidates for various job roles such as

    • Business Development Executive
    • Business Development Associate
    • Business Development Representative
    • Sales Person with 0 to 2 years of experience
    • Sales Manager

    Our questions measure the below mentioned relevant skills

    • Pre-sales knowledge-This helps in locating the right prospects
    • Data Management Skills- Data Interpretation, MS-Excel operating skills.Data interpretation is part of daily life for most people. Interpretation is the process of making sense of numerical data that has been collected, analysed, and presented.
    • Analytical Thinking- Questions on Logical Deductions, Logical Problems, and Statement & Argument etc. This indicates whether there is an ability to solve problems. This ability has no correlation with the educational background.
    • Knowledge of sales processes
    • Steps in the sales process such as opening, negotiating, closing, presentations etc.
    • Creating a sales plan
    • organizing a sales force
    • recruiting and selecting salespersons
    • designing the compensation plan
    • designing and allocating sales territories
    • motivating and supporting the sales team
    • sales reporting
    • training of new recruits
    • Evaluating the performance of a salesperson.

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