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Use our Engineering skills test to screen and hire candidates for positions such as:

• Electrical Engineering Test

• MATLAB Skills Test

• Apache Airflow Skills Test

• Site Reliability Test

• Aircraft Design Online Skills Test

• ML Engineer with Python

Our online Engineering skill assessment questions measure below skills of the candidate:

Mechanical Engineering Test: Engineering Mechanics, Strength of Material, Machine Design, Fluid Mechanics, etc.

ERP Fundamentals Test: Bill of material, Order management, Stock Management, etc.

Aerospace Engineer Test: Assembly manufacturing process, Engine installation, Aircraft engines, Avionics, etc.

Two important use cases for Engineering skills test

#1 Identifying job-fit candidates based on job roles

You can create customized Engineer assessment for any given job role. Using this feature, you can choose questions from different skill types, including functional, technical, and soft skills. For example, with our customized Engineering assessment test, you can evaluate candidates’ knowledge of, Voltage and Resistance, Classification and Regression Algorithms, Aircraft engines and Communication Skills and assess the best individuals for the job.

#2 Skill-gap analysis of your employees

iMocha allows you to measure employees' skill competency through Engineering training assessments. It determines the existing skill level and identifies the areas for growth. It also measures the knowledge and impact of the training and traces individual employees’ progress. For example, you can use our Engineering training assessments to identify knowledge about Current, Avionics and other skills and perform a skill gap analysis.

Test Creation Process

We provide different types of Engineering assessment test to help you evaluate candidates' specific skills. Questions are created by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) based on their knowledge and expertise. For example, only Engineering specialists will create questions about Engineering Mechanics or Stock Management based on the difficulty level of easy, medium, and hard.

You can choose questions to be includes in the Engineer assessment or ask us to create customized assessments according to your requirements.


How is the Engineering skills test customized?
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We can customize this technical engineering assessment to suit your needs. Our SMEs will refer to the job description and customize the assessments based on the required skills needed. Some include Hydraulic Machines, Engine installation, Voltage, Resistance, etc. Likewise, you can choose the difficulty level to assess candidates of different experience levels.

What are the most common interview questions for this role?
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There are a variety of questions that can be asked to assess the level of an Engineer in the field. Common questions include:  

Aerospace Engineer:

• What is Spice?

• What are the three tactical elements of Electronic Warfare?

• What are the main areas in Aviation?

MATLAB Engineer:

• How to plot a graph in MATLAB?

• How to call a function in MATLAB?

• How to write functions in MATLAB?

What are the roles and responsibilities of an Engineer?
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Here are some roles and responsibilities of an Engineer:

• Developing new products and technologies to designing and building infrastructure.

• Collect and analyze data to understand how a product or system performs under different conditions.

• Ensure the designs meet all necessary safety and compliance standards and regulations.

What are the required skillsets of an Engineer?
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Here are some key skill sets required for an Engineer:

Technical skills:

• Engineers must have a strong foundation in math and science

• Solid understanding of the principles and theories that are relevant to their field of expertise

Soft skills

• Creativity

• Communication

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