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We help enterprises make intelligent talent decisions and build strong teams, from hire to retire.
Our experience

100+ Enterprises

have benefited from iMocha’s Talent Analytics

200k+ happy employees

have been deployed at the right roles

3000+ skills present in iMocha’s skill library

Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office

3 million+ assessments conducted so far

For investors
In 2022, we raised $14 million in series A financing headed by Eight Roads Ventures.
Our story
It all started with a cup of coffee ...
Should we just do it, Sujit?
Let’s do it!
It was the January of 2015

Amit Mishra and Sujit Karpe were sipping on a cup of Mocha, trying to figure out a solution to a grave threat that the world was facing:

Organizations were struggling to adjust their team to changes in the skillsets needed.

To cope with the changing skill matrix, organizations were either acquiring talent or upskilling the existing talent.

Common hr-manager

asking themselves the infinite question:
To hire or to upskill?
We need to do both!
To hire or to upskill?...
However, companies did not have systems and processes to quantify these skills, thus leading to biases and poor business decisions.
We are not sure if it was the caffeine or a genuine enthusiasm to solve this problem ...
iMocha Logo
...but that is the exact moment when iMocha was born.
The journey was not filled with rainbows and unicorns of course.
Through sheer grit, team effort, and a bit of luck, iMocha was able to overcome all the challenges and soon it became a force to be reckoned with.
Today, iMocha is serving more than 500 customers and has helped organizations in acquiring or upskilling more than 200k+ employees with more than 3 million+ assessments.
This, however, is just the beginning.
Meet the founders

Amit D Mishra

Founder & CEO

Sujit Karpe

Founder & CTO

Amit D Mishra

Founder & CEO

Sujit Karpe

Founder & CTO
Life at iMocha
Not to brag, but with a Glassdoor rating of 4.6, iMocha provides a place where employees are challenged, groomed, and celebrated at the same time.
We love solving problems and hate losing in foosball. Accountability is what we crave, and micro-management makes us feel icky.

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What we believe in
These are our values. We stand for each of them.
Team Discussion


We foster an environment of mutual respect and unshakable trust.
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The ‘i’ in iMocha stands for Innovation. Innovation is at the core of everything we do.


We start with the customer. Everything else follows
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We believe that team is what drives the result.
Offices around the world
With offices in the USA and India, we are looking to establish a global footprint.
  • Pune, India
  • Delaware, USA
Very very soon
iMocha conquers the outer space