Our Story

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Our CEO Amit D. Mishra, and our CTO Sujit Karpe, were frustrated. It was 2012, and time management was proving hard in the services company they had founded. They needed more talent, fast. And as they tried to recruit talent, they realised that hiring was inefficient. Incredibly inefficient. They wanted to do something to fix this obvious gap, firstly for themselves. But very quickly they realised that this was a problem others were facing too. They started to realise that traditional practices were wearing organisations down and killing productivity; so, as tech-driven people in the tech-driven world, they had to solve this. This was how iMocha (previously Interview Mocha) was born.

The entire skills assessment space was ripe for a simpler, better solution. about-text-shape

In the beginning, it did one simple thing: digitize interviews. Growth was gradual but consistent, there were ups and down, and there were phases of flat sales. But they persevered. And as they sold more, they understood that it was not just the interview process that needed a revamp.

In February 2015, iMocha was launched as a skills assessment product. By the end of that year, iMocha had 600 clients in 50+ countries, and had over 1000+ skills assessment tests. We onboarded one paying client every day, and haven’t looked back since.


iMocha-img This year, we are dropping the 'Interview' from our name, though not completely. Because we are much more than the company we were founded as. We are now iMocha, keeping i as a reminder of what we used to be; as a signal of what we are — innovative; and as a promise of what we’ll be — iconic. We are well on our way to equate skills assessment with iMocha, and you are invited along on this journey. iMocha-img-shape

Today, we have enterprise customers like

  • capgemini-valued-customer-of-imocha
  • coupa-valued-customer-of-imocha
  • ericsson-imocha
  • navy-federal-valued-customer-of-imocha
  • fujitsu

Our Vision shape

The skills landscape is shifting under our feet.

30 years ago

computers were not used in workspaces like they are now.

20 years ago

technology was not a part of every aspect of work, like it is today.

10 years ago

many of today’s critical skills were unheard of.

Don’t take our word for it, though.


Reported in a study that 95% of the world’s HR leaders are investing in upskilling programs for future digital opportunities, and that 77% of the world’s L&D executives are creating learning plans for their current workforce to meet growing needs.


A report by IDC says that the financial implications of this continuously increasing skills gap will go from $302 billion in 2019 to $775 billion in 2022.

As the pace of this change accelerates, you need an assessment partner to make sure that you fill the gap between where you are and where you need to be. We’ve helped companies like Capgemini, World Food Programme, NFCU, and Altran completely rethink the way they hire. We are waiting for the opportunity to help you, too.

shape It is to face this brave new world that iMocha was created.

Our vision is to

equate skills assessment with iMocha.

Our aim is to

revolutionize the world of digital skills assessment.


Brand: iMocha (formerly Interview Mocha)

Legal Entity: Mocha Technologies Inc (Delaware, US)

Indian subsidiary: Tecknack Technologies Pvt Ltd