Embrace the power
of AI-enabled
Business English
Skills Evaluation

iMocha’s AI-EnglishProTM for Business English assessment helps global organizations, contact centers and BPOs quickly evaluate candidates, train workforce and make intelligent talent decisions.

Measure Business English skills
for effective communication


Assess your talent’s listening comprehension with lexical linking, accent, tone and language understanding. Measure the ability to decode words and sounds.


Evaluate oral fluency with critical pronunciation mistakes and detailed vocabulary analysis. Leverage AI to automatically score English speaking skills.


Gauge reading comprehension in specific business scenarios with inference checking, memory, attention span, language understanding, grammar & lexical linking.


Evaluate writing ability in real business situations leveraging AI/NLP. Measure email writing skills, grammar, word count benchmark with CEFR score of written vocabulary.

higher accuracy for more scale
cost saving with less effort
smarter & faster talent decisions

An AI-driven Context Check for smarter screening

Powered by our advanced AI-engine, this feature evaluates talent on the ability to Speak and Write responses that are relevant and aligned to a business context.

Digress less, Achieve More!

Eliminate false positives and refine talent decisions with added insights into contextual knowledge

Save Time and Effort by employing AI for checking context of Speaking and Writing responses

Make evidence-based & bias-free decisions by objectively measuring the degree of digression from context

Harness the full potential of AI/ML
for precision and reliability

  • Automated evaluation of grammar, vocabulary, oral fluency, and so much more
  • NLP models for autoscoring written text based on structure, punctuation, typographical errors, etc.
  • AI-powered language detection, speech-to-text transcription, detection of filler words
  • Adaptive tests that measure active listening, reading & listening comprehension

Build a workforce that thrives
across multiple disciplines

Hire the right candidate with strong business English Skills

Assess your talent’s listening comprehension with lexical linking, accent, tone and language understanding. Measure the ability to decode words and sounds.

Benchmark your talent on business English skills for competitive edge

Save countless hours of redundant training, nurture talent with targeted training need identification, benchmark on CEFR standard and measure pre/post training effectiveness.

Easily conduct mass assessments for campus hiring drives

Screen thousands of candidates during campus recruitment based on 360-degree English skills. Get rid of sluggish processes by combining multiple skills in one single test & remote proctoring.

Strategically upskill new graduates for better collaboration

Identify skill gaps for business English communication and upskill new entrants to the workforce, especially Gen Z cohort, to help them navigate change and improve productivity.

Go from bench to billing with well-rounded technical talent

Remove bottlenecks in business conversations for technical teams and propel career progression of HiPo technical talent with effective English communication skills.

Empower VNA trainers to hire & upskill voice process centric talent

Identify skill gaps for talent deployed on voice process driven functions and ensure clarity in communication with effective English speaking and writing skills.

Create a sustainable talent pool for client-facing job roles

Make a positive and lasting impression on clients with sales and customer support teams who can engage effectively in business English and sustain relations.

Improve business English skills for career growth of your talent

Validate English proficiency of internal talent network to improve internal mobility. Benchmark English proficiency levels of employees across organization for promotions.

Get a look at a blend of rich features

With robust, built-in AI-driven technology, iMocha AI-EnglishPro projects 360-degree reflection of business English proficiency, so you can make biasfree, fast, data-driven talent decisions.

All Four Skills

Assess all four aspects of English skills – Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing for a comprehensive Business English skill evaluation.

Get Job Role Ready

Combine multiple skills with English skills in a single assessment to evaluate for specific job roles and improve  assessment experience

Next-level Flexibility

Adjust to your needs - from readily available to tailored assessments for job roles, from intuitive dashboards to setting difficulty level.

Prevent Cheating

Use smart proctoring and identity verification to maintain integrity, detect cheating instances and prevent impersonation.

Skill Benchmarking

Get auto-evaluated skill benchmarking and global standard CEFR rating on fluency, grammar, pronunciation & listening.

White Labelling

Get an intuitive platform with white labelling feature that helps you customize interface to reflect your brand.

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