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Evaluate Business English proficiency with iMocha’s

Evaluate Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking skills of candidates and help them become proficient in Business English. AI-EnglishPro leverages Natural Language Processing Tools, Artificial Intelligence, Computational Linguistics, Text Analysis, and much more.
Why AI-EnglishPro for
Business English Evaluation?

Manual evaluation of Business English is biased and needs a lot of time

Manually evaluating long-form writing can be tedious for both hiring teams and L&D professionals. iMocha gives you a comprehensive report of English proficiencies without having to evaluate manually

Creating stand-alone English assessments is not feasible

Business English Evaluation is usually offered as a stand-alone solution. This stand-alone solution is expensive, and can't be combined with technical assessments. iMocha solution helps you create a holistic assessment experience that evaluates both technical and Business English skills

Traditional evaluations focus only on basic English skills

The role of English in the business scenario has changed, but the evaluation of Business English hasn’t. iMocha’s AI-EnglishPro includes real-world scenarios and assessments related to current business problems to ensure a deep understanding of the language.
AI-EnglishPro is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR standards).

Evaluate Reading

Understand candidates' ability to read, comprehend, and synthesize relevant information.

Evaluate Listening

Assess candidates on their ability to listen attentively and clearly understand business communication

Evaluate Speaking

Understand candidates on their ability to clearly, correctly, and coherently communicate in a business environment

Evaluate Writing

Understand candidates on fluency and clarity of written communication required for business functions
Understand the core parameters of Business English
Report Analysis
Report Summary
Pro Section Skill Report
CEFR Level
Readability Linguistic
iMocha’s AI-based proctoring solution

iMocha’s fraud detection mechanism significantly reduces the cheating doneby candidates. Also, it enables recruiters to detect the exact instances of how and when the cheating occurred.

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Evaluate Business English Proficiency with AI-EnglishPro

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