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    “We are UK's leading online locum recruitment platform. iMocha's coding test simulators helped us to get job-fit candidates eliminating pen-paper tests, dependency on the technical consultants & other administrative hassles. We got a whopping 100% right matches for our technical job-roles. With iMocha's quality IT coding tests and accurate reports, we are now much more confident of finding the right candidates for our technical roles.”

    George Chacko
    CEO - Bookamed

    Don’t just check theoretical knowledge of developers. Analyze how well programmers perform when exposed to real-time coding challenges with our online coding skill tests before an interview.

    Our Coding Simulators help tech recruiters to simulate a real-time scenario to effectively assess developers on various parameters such as analytical thinking, and logical approach to coding problems in addition to their base programming knowledge.

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    Use online coding assessment tests to assess & hire job roles such as
    • Coders
    • Software Developers
    • Application Developers
    • Computer Programmers
    • Software Engineers
    • Web Developer
    • Front-End Developers
    • Java Developers
    • Machine Learning Engineer
    • PHP Developers
    • Python Developers
    • RoR Developers
    • Ruby Developers
    • C# Developers
    • C Programmer
    • C++ Programmer
    • Data Scientist
    • Data Analyst

    Programming skills assessment test questions evaluate the below coding skills of the developers
    • C
    • C++
    • C#
    • Java
    • JavaScript
    • PHP
    • Machine Learning with Python
    • Python
    • MS SQL Server
    • SQLite
    • iOS Swift
    • Embedded C
    • Data Structures
    • Data Wrangling with Python

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is an online coding assessment?

    An online coding assessment is a method used by tech recruiters and hiring managers to measure competency of the developer in programming. A developer is given an online assessment with coding challenges that he/she needs to solve in a real coding environment. The performance of the developer is measured and is mapped with competency meter. This helps to identify quality developers based on the skill level of the developer.

    Why use iMocha’s online coding assessments?

    iMocha's coding skills tests are used by top IT and tech companies to assess and hire best coders. iMoch'a coding assessments can help you to:

    • Reduce time-to-hire by 50% using ready-to-use coding assessments with 1000+ coding questions
    • Make data driven decisions with powerful coding analytics
    • Detect unoriginal code with advanced plagiarism mechanism
    • Detect cheating with AI enabled image/video/audio proctoring

    How do you assess coding skills?

    iMocha has created advanced coding assessments with features like coding simulators, LogicBox questions, Live coding interviews to help tech recruiters assess coding skills of the developers. Coding simulators comes with several candidate friendly features like default code stubs, intellisense, multiple test cases, so that candidates can focus more on algorithm to solve coding challenges. While CodeReplay feature helps reviewer to replay screen capture of line-by-line code written by candidate.

    Our AI-LogicBox is an artificial intelligence based innovative pseudo coding platform for assessing skills for languages where online coding compilers are not available. This can be used by recruiters for faster assessments of developers coding skills.

    iMocha's live coding interview is helpful to conduct coding assessments in real programming environment. It comes with real time video and chat options wherein interviewer can also make suggestions to code to improve coding efficiency. In depth reports with multiple parameters help recruiters to select best coders through live video interview.

    Use our online coding test platform for hiring job-fit programmers