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Abstract Reasoning Test
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Abstract Reasoning Test

iMocha’s Abstract Reasoning online test is the ideal pre-hire test for recruiters and hiring managers to assess candidates objectively. This test is useful for hiring job-fit roles such as System analysts, System designers, Architects, Mechanics, Product designers, Design engineers, and Engineers. Our customers have reported reduced hiring costs by 40%.

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Abstract Reasoning Test Assessment

Abstract means extracting something, and abstract reasoning means quickly analyzing and using data that doesn’t have numbers. It’s done by detecting patterns and solving complex problems that are intangible in nature. That’s why the abstract reasoning test is also called the conceptual reasoning test, as it can measure how fast a candidate will be able to understand new concepts and ideas.

You don’t have to create a different fluid intelligence test, as abstract reasoning tests can measure fluid intelligence. Coined by R.B. Cattell - fluid intelligence means solving problems without relying on past knowledge or experience.

Finding value out of the blue isn’t easy, and that’s what abstract thinkers are known for. It’s easier for them to relate everything to everything else and find deeper meaning. So, abstract thinkers can think about things that aren’t physically in front of them. This helps them to connect and use data that they have previously read somewhere else.

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Test Summary

Combining skills from different tests will help you create the right assessment to evaluate the candidate’s skills. So don’t just create a single abstract reasoning test and try including questions from analytical skills tests, logical tests, numerical skill tests, and quantitative tests. Once the test is completed, you will have a detailed report that helps you understand and compare candidates.

Our abstract reasoning skill test is designed considering EEOC guidelines, and all the security measures have been taken to allow you to assess & hire diverse talent without any bias.

Abstract reasoning tests have complex visual image questions that detect patterns through logic, rules, comparison, and structures. Usually, MCQ questions are given in which you have to choose the correct answer from a set of possible options. Abstract reasoning tests are usually a part of any job assessment.

Abstract reasoning online test contains:

  • Spatial Intelligence - 10 Questions 15 minutes
  • Visual Reasoning -    10 Questions 15 minutes
Useful for hiring
  • System Analyst
  • System Designers
  • Architects
  • Mechanics
  • Product Designers
  • Design Engineer
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Diagrammatic Tests

iMocha’s abstract reasoning test helps recruiters and hiring managers to assess a candidate’s ability to solve diagrammatic problems by understanding concepts and information with the help of diagrams and figures.

Spatial Ability Tests

Our test evaluates the candidate’s ability to solve problems on spatial ability with the help of 2D and 3D objects.




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Transforming 2D images to 3D images


Which two parts given in the answer choices can form the whole cube of 3 × 3 (as shown below in the question)?

cube 1


  • <img alt="cube 2" src="https://imtcdn.azureedge.net/637093898598776327_374.png" style="max-width:420px;" />
  • <img alt="cube 3" src="https://imtcdn.azureedge.net/637093898725888338_374.png" style="max-width:420px;" />
  • <img alt="cube 4" src="https://imtcdn.azureedge.net/637093898899795494_374.png" style="max-width:420px;" />
  • <img alt="cube 5" src="https://imtcdn.azureedge.net/637093899053124594_374.png" style="max-width:420px;" />
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