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Use our online database tests to assess candidates skills for job roles, such as:

  • SQL Database Administrator
  • Database Developer
  • Database Expert
  • Senior Database Administrator
  • Junior Database Administrator
  • MySQL Database Administrator
  • PHP and Word press Developer
  • Web Designer and Web Developer
  • Junior Database Administrator MySQL
  • Senior Database Administrator MySQL
  • Oracle PLSQL Developer
  • PLSQL developer
  • Teradata 12 Database Administrator

  • Oracle Developer
  • Teradata V2R5 Application Developer with 0 to 1 year experience
  • Teradata V2R5 Application Developer with 2 to 4 year experience
  • Teradata Technical Specialist
  • Teradata Database Administrator
  • Teradata Professional
  • Teradata Fundamentals V2R Technical Specialist
  • Teradata Fundamentals V2R Database Administrator
  • Teradata Administrator
  • Data Analyst
  • Teradata 12 Solution Developer
  • Teradata 12 Enterprise Architect

Our questions measure the following relevant skills:

Two important use cases for database administrator skills assessment test

1. Identifying job-fit candidates based on job roles

Job role plays a significant role in hiring a candidate. iMocha is a skill assessment platform that helps companies hire job-fit candidates specific to job roles. Our friendly team of experts go through the job description. After that, the team carefully checks the technical skills needed for the role. With the help of our skill assessments, you can evaluate candidate’s knowledge and on the basis of their scorecard you can hire the good job-fit candidates.

2. Skill-gap analysis of your employees

Pre-and post-training assessments help you to know where individual learning is lacking. This gap can be filled with database administrator skill assessment. Our database skills assessments as well as question types can be customised based on your requirements.

Test Creation Process

A range of database administrator tests assist you in evaluating candidate’s skills. Database specialist creates database administrator tests for candidates based on their industry experience. For example: Database expert create database administrator assessment test on the skills like data modelling, big data-pig, and much more.

According to your convenience, you can choose the questions of database administrator online test or ask our experts to create customized tests.

Skill requirements of a database specialist differs from company to company. However, there are some primary and important skills that managers should check in a candidate.

  • Data Modelling to assess candidate’s knowledge of Data Modelling techniques, Data Modelling Architecture etc.
  • Oracle Basic to assess a candidate’s knowledge of commands in Oracle, questions about the meaning of terms used in Oracle, etc.
  • SQL Basics to assess a candidate’s knowledge of basic concepts in SQL, syntax and commands used in SQL, etc.
  • PL/SQL to assess a candidate’s knowledge in commands used in PLSQL, questions on data types, questions on cursor attributes, etc.
  • DBMS Concepts to assess a candidate’s knowledge of data entities, database management, different syntaxes used, commands used in database management, etc.
  • MS SQL Server to assess a candidate’s knowledge in types of indexes, SQL tables and triggers, SQL keys, etc.
  • SQL Queries to assess a candidate’s knowledge in basic understanding of SQL , SQL tables, commands used in SQL queries, etc.
  • SQL Skills to assess a candidate’s knowledge of database design using normalization, MySQL basics , SQL for database construction , DBMS concepts, etc.
  • MySQL 5.0 to assess a candidate’s knowledge of INFORATION_SCHEMA, MySQL tables and indexes, MySQL storage engines, MySQL security, etc.
  • Data Warehouse to assess a candidate’s knowledge in data warehousing, data mining, data modelling, etc.
  • Oracle PLSQL to assess a candidate’s knowledge in commands used in oracle PLSQL, SQL triggers, SQL indexes, etc.
  • Shell Programming to assess a candidate’s knowledge with programming problems using Shell language, problems on file concatenation, different commands used in the Shell programming, etc.
  • PLSQL 20 questions on PLSQL assess a candidate’s knowledge in commands used in PLSQL, questions on data types, questions on cursor attributes, etc.
  • Database managed storage
  • Database access mechanics
  • Database availability features
  • Teradata application design and development
  • Teradata SQL for application development
  • Teradata application utilities
  • Teradata SQL
  • Advanced teradata SQL
  • Teradata active scheme management
  • Logical data modelling
  • Physical database design
  • Teradata warehouse management
  • Teradata warehouse administration
  • Physical database tuning
  • Load and extract


How is database test customized?
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Our SMEs are acquainted with the process of customizing assessments depending on the primary and secondary skills. Some of the skills include Sort Key, Data Migration, Query Performance, Admin Scripts, and many more. Furthermore, we help in customizing the test according to the experience level of candidates.

What are the most common database interview questions?
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Here are some of the enlisted database interview questions:

  • What is your understanding about Data Redundancy?
  • Define the various types of relationships in Database.
  • What are the advantages of DBMS?
  • Explain RDBMS.
  • Name the different types of Normalization.
  • Explain Data Independence and its two types.                        

What are roles and responsibilities of database specialist?
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Noted below are the roles and responsibilities of database specialists:

  • Specialists' designs database systems and management tools
  • They support database performance step-by-step
  • Database specialist assesses database performance
  • A specialist installs, maintains and update, and maintain computer databases

What is the package of database specialist?
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On an average, Database Specialist earns $66,032 in US. The salary range falls somewhere between $58,353 and $76,543. Salary range of Database Specialists depend on their education, certifications, and additional skills.

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