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    • Machine Learning Specialist
    • Data Engineer-Machine Learning
    • Data Mining Analyst
    • Machine Learning Research Scientist
    • Data Mining Specialist
    • R Statistical Programmer
    • Data Mining Consultant
    • Analytical Programmer -R
    • Data Mining Expert
    • Deep Learning Engineer
    • Machine Learning Software Engineer
    • Research Engineer - Deep Learning
    • Blockchain Developer
    • Deep Learning Developer
    • Blockchain Engineer
    • Machine Learning Engineer
    • Software Engineer – NLP
    • Machine Learning Developer
    • NLP - Technical Architect
    • Machine Learning Expert
    • Natural Language Processing Engineer

    Our Python, Machine Learning test questions measure the below skills of candidates:

    • Machine Learning Concepts: Linear Regression, Support Vector Machines, Accuracy Matrix, Neural Networks, Overfitting Issue, Cross-Validation, Anomaly Detection, ANNs, DecisionTree, Bias and Variance, Cluster Analysis, Exploratory Analysis, Supervised Learning
    • Azure Machine Learning: Model Selection, Implementation, Feature Engineering, Data Analysis, Feature Reduction, Data Cleaning, Data Import
    • Data Mining: Data Processing, Data Cleaning, Data Warehouse and OLAP Technology, Data Reduction, Introduction to Data Mining, Data Mining Process, Data Preprocessing, Data Integration and Transformation, Mining Frequent Patterns
    • Blockchain: Participant Roles, EVM, Ethereum Application, Validation, Chain code, Ethereum- Smart contract, Hyperledger Composer, Blockchain – Mining, Ethereum Application, Ethereum Mining, Ethereum- geth
    • NLP Concept: Algorithms for sentence classification, Dimensionality reduction in NLP,Word2Vec, Singular Value Decomposition, Information Retrieval, Activation Functions, Optimizers

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