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Use our Salesforce skills assessment to screen and hire candidates for job roles such as:

• Salesforce CRM Developer
• Senior DevOps Engineer/Developer
• Salesforce Administrator
• Salesforce Lightning Developer
• Salesforce Engineer/Developer
• Salesforce Application Engineer/Developer
• Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant
• Salesforce Sales Cloud Developer
• Salesforce Cloud Developer
• Salesforce Cloud Administration
• Salesforce Cloud Consultant

• Salesforce/CPQ Consultant
• Salesforce Steelbrick CPQ Analyst
• Steelbrick CPQ Developer
• CPQ Architect
• CPQ Senior Consultant
• Salesforce Community Cloud Consultant
• Salesforce Community Administrator
• Salesforce Community Cloud Specialist
• Salesforce Marketing Cloud Architect
• Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer
• Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant
• Marketing Cloud-Campaign Specialist

Salesforce skills assessment questions evaluate the following skills of the candidates:

• Salesforce Development Skills: Model View Controller, Translation Workbench, Salesforce Enforce Data, Custom Reporting, Master-Detail Relationship, Migration Platform, Development Basics, Visualforce, and Aura Component.
• Salesforce Administration Skills:
Lead Conversion Mapping, Time-Bound Workflow, Job Application Object, Apex Sharing, Roll-up Summary, Salesforce Classic Administration, Visualforce and Pardot Administration, and more.
• Salesforce Lightening Skills:
Controllers, Browser events and controllers, Lightning-enabled features, Integration and Data Management, Communities and Site Management, Account Management, and more.
• Salesforce CRM Skills:
Apex Collections, Sharing Modes, Batch Apex, Visualforce Input Tags, Security Controls, Record Sharing, Visualforce Charts, Workflow Rules and Actions, Salesforce Functions, and more.
• DevOps Salesforce Skills:
SOSL Query, Case Assignments Rules, Data Management, Formula Field and Validation, Triggers, Test Classes, and more.
Salesforce CPQ Skills: Configuration Attribute, Nested Bundle Discount Schedules, CPQ Object Relationships, CPQ Template Content MDQ Products, Bundles Translating, CPQ Quote Templates Contracting MDQ Products, and more.
• Salesforce Sales Cloud Skills:
reCAPTCHA on Forms, Fields, Content Packs, Revenue Scheduling, Lightening Components, Leads, Contacts, and more.
• Salesforce Community Cloud Skills:
Partner Community, Customer Portal Case Submission, Record Type and Category Type, Customization, External Sharing Model, Access Community, and more.
• Salesforce Marketing Cloud Skills:
Campaign Member, Pardot Campaign, Lead Attributes, Marketing Campaigns, LPV Cookies Track, Salesforce Advertising Studio, and more.

Two important use cases for Salesforce skills assessment

#1 Identifying job-fit candidates based on job roles

You can create customized salesforce skills assessment for any given job role. Using this capability, you can choose questions from different skill types, including functional, technical, and soft skills. For example, with our customized salesforce assessment, you can assess candidates' understanding of Visualforce chart, Salesforce Functions, Migration, Data Analysis, Apex, and more to hire the best individuals for the job.

#2 Skill-gap analysis of your employees

iMocha allows you to trace employees' skill competency through salesforce training assessments. It determines the current skill level and identifies the areas for growth. Using this feature, you can measure employees' progress from their existing knowledge base to gained knowledge. For example, you can use our salesforce training tests to identify an engineer's knowledge about Integration, Lead Conversion Mapping, Problem-solving skills, and other skills and perform a skill gap analysis.

Test Creation Process

We provide various types of salesforce tests to help you evaluate candidates' specific skills. These questions are created by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) based on their knowledge and expertise. For example, only salesforce specialists will develop questions about salesforce CRM techniques or Revenue Scheduling based on easy, medium, and hard difficulty levels.

You can - choose which questions to include in the salesforce test or ask us to create personalized assessments according to your requirements.


What is Salesforce development?
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Salesforce development is a type of design buildup of certain features, services, and some applications to the Salesforce platform. It includes the use of specific programming like Apex and Visualforce. Apex and Visualforce programming are essential elements of Salesforce Development. Salesforce development has a multi-tenant architecture and better integration workability, which makes it user-friendly, low-cost estimate, and an easy customization platform.

How is Salesforce skills assessment customized?
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Our SMEs can create individualized assessments depending on your job role requirements. These assessments are divided into primary and secondary skills, such as Visualforce Input Tags, Architecture, Time Management, User Management, Data Analysis, User Story, and more. Additionally, SMEs can craft customized questions according to applicants' experience and difficulty level.

What are the certifications required for this role?
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Some popular Certifications for Salesforce-related job roles are as follows:

• Salesforce Certified Administrator Certification

• Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Certification (SSCC)

• Salesforce CPQ Specialist Certification

• Salesforce Architect Certifications

• Salesforce Data Architect Certification

• Salesforce Sharing and Visibility Architect Certification

• Salesforce Certified Platform Application Builder Certification

• Salesforce Certified Einstein Analytics & Discovery Consultant Certification

• Salesforce Certified Non-profit Cloud Consultant Certification

• Salesforce Certified Pardot Consultant Certification

What are the most common interview questions for this role?
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Some of the common Salesforce interview questions asked for this role are:

• What is Object Relationship Overview?

• What are the different data types that a standard field record name can have?

• What type of apps we can create in SF?

• What are the different types of reports available in Salesforce?

• What are dynamic dashboards? Can dynamic dashboards be scheduled?

• What is an Audit trail?

• What is a sandbox org? What are the different types of sandboxes in Salesforce?

What are the roles and responsibilities of a Senior Salesforce Developer?
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Senior Salesforce Developers are required to perform the following tasks and responsibilities:

• Develop high-quality business solutions

• Develop on-demand applications, leveraging Apex Classes, Triggers, etc

• Formulate new CRM technologies

• Provide ongoing technical support for existing custom Apex code

• Deploy updates to existing applications and code

• Produce functional analysis and facilitate customer workshops

• Collaborate with the team to develop data strategies

• Troubleshoot any bugs or attacks in the system

• Create various timelines and development goals

What are the required skill sets of a Senior Salesforce Developer?
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You can consider these technical as well as non-technical skills while hiring Senior Salesforce Developer:

Technical Skills:

• Object-Oriented Programming


• Lightning Components


• JavaScript




• Salesforce API & Web Services

• C++

• .Net


Non-Technical Skills:

• Problem-solving skills

• Interpersonal skills

• Communication skills

• Collaboration

• Adaptability

• Time Management

• User Management

• Data Analysis

• Business Analysis

What is the package of a Senior Salesforce Developer?
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In the United States, the average Senior Salesforce Developer salary is $132,500 per year. Senior Salesforce Developer salaries start at $112,499 per year.

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