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    • Salesforce CRM Developer
    • Senior DevOps Engineer
    • Salesforce DevOps Developer
    • Salesforce Administrator
    • Salesforce Lightning Developer
    • Salesforce Developer
    • Application Developer - Salesforce
    • Salesforce Engineer
    • Application Engineer (Salesforce)
    • Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant
    • Salesforce Sales Cloud Developer
    • Salesforce Cloud Developer
    • Salesforce Cloud Administration
    • Salesforce Cloud Consultant
    • Salesforce/CPQ Consultant
    • Salesforce Steelbrick CPQ Analyst
    • CPQ Architect
    • CPQ Senior Consultant
    • Steelbrick CPQ Developer
    • Salesforce Community Cloud Consultant
    • Salesforce Community Administrator
    • Salesforce Community Cloud Specialist
    • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Architect
    • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer
    • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant
    • Marketing Cloud-Campaign Specialist

    Salesforce competency tests questions evaluate the following relevant skills of the candidates

    • Salesforce Development Skills: Model View Controller, Translation Workbench, Salesforce Enforce Data, Custom Reporting, Master-Detail Relationship, Migration Platform, Development Basics, Visualforce and Aura Component.
    • Salesforce Administration Skills: Lead Conversion Mapping, Time-Bound Workflow, Job Application Object, Apex Sharing, Roll-up Summary, Salesforce Classic Administration, Visualforce and Pardot Administration, & more.
    • Salesforce Lightening Skills: Controllers, Browser events and controllers, Lightning-enabled features, Integration and Data Management, Communities and Site Management, Account Management, & more.
    • Salesforce CRM Skills: Apex Collections, Sharing Modes, Batch Apex, Visualforce Input Tags, Security Controls, Record Sharing, Visualforce Charts, Workflow Rules and Actions, Salesforce Functions, & more.
    • DevOps Salesforce Skills: SOSL Query, Case Assignments Rules, Data Management, Formula Field and Validation, Triggers, Test Classes, & more.
    • Salesforce CPQ Skills: Configuration attribute, Nested bundle Discount Schedules CPQ Object Relationships CPQ Template Content MDQ Products and Bundles Translating CPQ Quote Templates Contracting MDQ Products, & more.
    • Salesforce Sales Cloud Skills: reCAPTCHA on Forms, Fields and Content Packs, Revenue Scheduling, Lightening Components, Leads and Contacts, & more.
    • Salesforce Community Cloud Skills: Partner Community, Customer Portal Case Submission, Record Type and Category Type, Customization, External Sharing Model, Access Community, & more.
    • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Skills: Campaign Member, Pardot Campaign, Lead Attributes, Marketing Campaigns, LPV Cookies Track, Salesforce Advertising Studio, & more.

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