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Calculator, pencil, and dollar symbol on paper, symbolizing financial calculations and money management

HS Classification Finance Skills Test

Organizations Served:
An icon of a server with a large number of disks.

Advanced Use of Data Sources Skills Test

Organizations Served:
An icon of a calculator and a document with a dollar on it.

Accounting Fundamentals Skills Test

Organizations Served:
Web page icon with arrow pointing to it

Historical Cost Skills Test

Organizations Served:
A man sits at a table with a stack of coins and a dollar sign on it

Head of Invesment Banking Skills Test

Organizations Served:
Judge's gavel and document icon on gray background

Legal & Compliance Skills Test

Organizations Served:
A computer monitor displaying a document with a dollar sign symbol, representing financial software

Finance ERP Software Skills Test

Organizations Served:
Floppy disc with a checkmark and a shield on a gray background

Finance Conservatism Skills Test

Organizations Served:
A computer screen with a stock chart on it.

Trade Finance Specialist

Organizations Served:
Someone examining a pie chart with the help of a magnifying glass

Finance Research Analyst Skills Assessment Test

Organizations Served:
A stack of coins next to a calculator and a receipt

Legacy Accounting Systems Skills Test

Organizations Served:
Magnifying glass focused on a graph with a dollar sign, symbolizing financial analysis and insights

Market Risk Skills Test

Organizations Served:
A man in business attire stands confidently beside a large, secure safe, representing financial security and protection

Head of Treasury Skills Test

Organizations Served:
Close-up of a hand holding a stack of money with a yellow coin

CashFlow Manager Skills Test

Organizations Served:
A gray and red logo with a circular design

S&P Capital IQ Skills Test

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Build a high-performance finance team with our online finance tests.

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Our Finance online test helps assess candidates for job roles such as:

Audit Associate Finance Manager Wealth Manager
Finance Analyst Controller Finance Reporting Manager
Accountant null null

Finance online test questions measure below mentioned skills

  • Account Payable Clerk Aptitude Test: Accounts Payable, MS Excel 2016, Verbal Reasoning, and Verbal Ability
  • Accounting Aptitude Test: Accounting Fundamentals, Numerical Reasoning, and Verbal Reasoning
  • Accounting Assistant Test Assessment: Management Accounting, Accounting Fundamental, Financial Analysis, Numerical Reasoning, and Excel Advance 2016
  • Auditor Excel Skills Assessment Test: Formulae, Functions, Balance Sheet Audit, Operators, Internal Auditing, Worksheet and Charts, and Audit of Inventories
  • Accounting Manager Test Assessment: Excel 2016 Advance, Management Accounting, Financial Analysis, and Accounting Fundamentals
  • AxiomSL Skills Test: FATCA, SCCL, FDIC part 370, SEC Rule 15c3-3, Integrated Model View, Qualified Financial Contracts, Controller View, Broker View, and NSFR
  • Banking Skills Test: Assets, Liabilities, Acquisition Strategies, Account Deposits, Banking Loan, Investment Banking, Commercial Banking, and Retail Banking
  • Computer Associates (CA) SiteMinder Online Skills Test: Service Desk Primary Server, CA Workflow, CA Service Desk r12, CA SiteMinder Extensible Policy Store (XPS), Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), CA SiteMinder Session Cookies, CA SiteMinder Policy Server, and CA SiteMinder Technologies
  • Capital Market Online Test: Stock - buying and selling, Liquidity Management, Call and Put, and Swift Messaging format
  • Online CCAR Stress Test: SSFA Data Requirements, Challenges invalidation of CCAR models, Risk Weight Calculation, SSFA Parameters, SSFA Outcome, Model Validation, PPNR Models, and Loss Based Approach
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Test: Regulation, Financial Accounting & Reporting, Business Environment & Concepts, and Auditing & Attestation
  • Cost Accounting Knowledge Test: Job Costing, Cost Behavior, Direct and Indirect Costs, Cost of Goods Manufactured, Cost of Goods Sold, Process Costing, Cost Systems, Break-Even Analysis, CVP Analysis, Contribution Margin, Cost Allocation, Activity Based Costing, Pricing Decisions and, Job Orders
  • Credit Risk Analyst Test: Risk Mitigation, Credit Rating, Position Analysis, and Credit Risk Management
  • eCATT Online Test: CATT recording, eCATT prerequisites, webDynPro, eCATT script chaining GUI mode, Diagnosis, eCATT Logs, Test Container creation, eCATT Recording, and eCATT Testing
  • Financial Accounting Online Test: Accounting Principles, Journal Entries, Ledgers Entries, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, Provisions Depreciation, Cash Flow Inventory, and Valuation Ratio Analysis
  • Financial Analyst Aptitude Test Assessment: Excel 2016, Financial Analysis, Financial Management, and Numerical Reasoning
  • Financial Excel Modeling Test: Capital Asset Pricing Model, Excel Macros, Time Value of money - net present value, internal rate of return, Financial Analysis, Asset Valuation, Stock Valuation, Risk and Return - from various asset classes, and Calculation of rate of return
  • Financial Relationship Manager Test: Customer focus, Customer/portfolio management, financial management, and Communication
  • Financial Reporting Test: Call and Put Option, Operating Income, Cash Flow Methods (Direct & Indirect), Balance Sheet, Inventory Management, Capitalization & Expensing, Operating & Financial Lease, and Asset Impairment
  • Financial Risk Management Test: Capital Budgeting, Risk and Return, Beta, VaR, Types of Risk, Systematic and Unsystematic Risk, Unexpected Loss, and Hedging
  • Insurance Online Test: Insurance Fundamentals, Life Insurance, Property and Casualty
  • International Accounting Standard (IAS) Online Test: Impairment, Inventory, Borrowing Costs, Interim Reports, Presentation of Financial Statements, Intangible Assets, Prior Period Errors, and Accounting Estimates
  • Investment Analyst Assessment Test: Finance, Statistics, Excel Modelling, Verbal Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, and Abstract Reasoning
  • Investment Management Skills Test: Investment Motive, Investment Management Risks, Investment Management, Capital Asset Pricing Model, and Investment Beta
  • Junior Accountant Test Assessment: Abstract Reasoning, Verbal Ability, MS Excel, QuickBooks Accounting, Accounting Fundamentals
  • Market Research Test: Research evaluation, Market Segmentation, Research type, Data sampling, Research skill, Measurement and scaling skills
  • Online GAAP Test: Financial Instruments, Intangible Reporting Unit, Recognizing Revenue, Capitalization of Intangibles, Provision against NRV, Capitalization of Borrowing Costs, Deferred Taxation, and Discontinued Operations
  • Oracle Financial Data Quality Management Test: Import Formats, Workbench, and Data Load Mappings
  • Oracle Financial Apps Test: General Ledger, Summary and Parent Accounts, FSG, Multiple Currency, Recurring Journals, Encumbrance, Batch Journals and Receipts, Invoices, and Integrations
  • Personal Financial Advisor Test: Financial Management and Accounting Fundamental
  • Quantitative Analyst Test: Spatial Intelligence, Statistics, Excel Modelling, and Financial Analysis
  • QuickBooks Proficiency Test: Physical Inventory Worksheet, Accounts Receivable Reports, Sole Proprietorship, Navigation Bar, and Quick Books Pro
  • Risk Analyst Test: Risk Analysis
  • TCS BaNCS Skills Test: TCS Optix, TCS BaNCS for Market Infrastructure, TCS BaNCS for Corporate Actions, Reinsurance, Real-time payments, Global Banking platform, Modules, and Internals
  • Wealth Manager Test Assessment: Verbal Ability, Financial Analysis, Verbal reasoning, Abstract reasoning, and Logical reasoning

Two important use cases for Finance assessment test

#1 Identifying job-fit candidates based on job roles

You can design customized skill assessments for each profile. Using this feature, you can choose questions from different skill types, including functional, technical, and soft skills. For example, with our customized Finance tests, you can evaluate candidates’ knowledge of Data Management, Critical Thinking, Cashflow Management, Risk Weight Calculation, Decision Making, and Communication Skills and assess the best individuals for the job.

#2 Skill-gap analysis of your employees

iMocha allows you to measure employees' skill proficiency through Finance skill assessment tests. It assesses current skill levels and identifies opportunities for improvement. It also assesses the knowledge and impact of training and traces individual employees’ progress. For example, you can use our Finance manager skill assessments to identify a manager's knowledge of accounting fundamentals, Excel Auditing skills, Numerical reasoning, Verbal reasoning, Liquidity Management, and other skills and perform a skill gap analysis.

Test Creation Process

We provide different types of Finance assessment tests to help you evaluate candidates' specific skills. These questions are created by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) based on their knowledge and expertise. For example, only Finance experts will create questions about the Cash Flow Methods or AxiomSL tool based on the difficulty level of easy, medium, and hard.

You can - choose which questions to include in the Finance test or ask us to create customized assessments according to your requirements.

Loved by our

As a cybersecurity training solution, a critical piece of our learning philosophy is the ability to measure a learner’s understanding of a given subject.  iMocha has been a great partner in this regard for both out-of-the-box and custom-made quizzes and assessments. 

The ability to create content that directly aligns with our video-based courses has made a tremendous difference in the value we have been able to offer to our clients. iMocha’s ready-made assessments have also helped us deliver more robust insight into IT and cybersecurity readiness for our learners. 

We’ve been very grateful for iMocha’s intentional customer support. This is a good company to partner with for your training goals.

Regina Sheridan

Director of Content

Identifying the right candidate remotely took a lot of our time, considering how each seemed to have different levels of skills and expertise.

iMocha helped us to transform our remote hiring strategy and cut down on our candidate filtration time by 40% making it our preferred assessment software.

Pedro Furtado

Capacity Manager,

Hiring Data Scientists was a challenge as the interview process took time. With iMocha's data science assessments, the process was simplified.

The tool helped us shortlist top candidates and extend offer letter in just 4 days.

Lynn Hodak

Talent Acquisition Manager, Capgemini

We have always believed in hiring talent on merit rather than resumes. When we started our global recruitment, we were clear on including assessments to evaluate skills and shortlist candidates.

iMocha has helped us immensely over the past 3 years to not only assess candidates but also optimize our recruitment process.

Senthil Nayagam K

Sr. VP, Hexaware

How is Finance online test customized?
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Our SMEs can tailor the assessment to the required primary and secondary abilities, such as Accounting Fundamentals, Numerical Reasoning, Statistics, Verbal Reasoning, Cost of Goods Sold, Process Costing, and many more. Similarly, questions can be customized to candidates' skill levels and experience.

What are the certifications required for this role?
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Some popular certifications for Finance related job roles are:

• Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certification

• Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certification

• Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA) certification

• Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) designation

• Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation

• Financial Risk Manager (FRM) certification

• Certified Credit Professional (CCP)

• Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)

What are the most common interview questions for this role?
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Some of the common questions asked for this role are:

• Why might we use a deferred tax liability?

• What is the DFC method and why might we use this?

• What are the three critical steps that a company in our industry could take to improve its financial standing?

• What is the Difference Between Cost Accounting and Costing?

• How can we calculate WACC (weighted average cost of capital)?

• What do you mean by hedging?

What are the roles and responsibilities of Finance Manager?
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A financial manager is responsible for overseeing an organization's entire financial operations, whether a small business or a large firm. This may involve managing financial reporting, cash flow, budgeting, and other fiscal tasks. The duties also include developing strategies to ensure financial stability and growth, and making decisions regarding investments, risk management, and financial planning.

• Creating accurate financial reports and data

• Making cash flow statements

• Profit forecasting

• Credit management

• Providing financial decision-making advice

• Investing Direction

• Making financial projections

• Budgeting and financial risk management

What are the required skillsets of Finance Manager?
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You can consider these hard as well as soft skills while hiring Finance Manager:

Hard Skills:

• Analyze financial data

• Cash Versus Accrual Accounting

• Financial Reporting

• Cash flow management

• Investment Management

• Market Research

• Financial Excel Modeling

Soft Skills:

• Strategic and analytical skills

• Adaptability

• Communication skills

• Problem-solving skills

• Leadership skills

• Interpersonal skills

• Critical Thinking

• Decision-making

What is the package of Finance Manager?
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In the United States, the average Finance Manager’s salary is $107,290 per year. Starting salaries for entry-level employment start at $79,644 per year.

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