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Use mobile app testing skills tests to assess and hire for job roles such as:

  • QA Engineer- Selendroid
  • Automation Test Engineer
  • Mobile Test Engineer
  • TestComplete Automation Tester
  • Ranorex Automation Engineer
  • Appium Test Engineer
  • Mobile Automation Engineer

  • iOS Mobile Application Tester
  • Automation QA Engineer
  • Mobile Tester - Appium Android
  • Android Test Automation Engineer
  • QA Tester - Calabash
  • Test Analyst
  • Software Test Engineer

Mobile app testing technical tests questions evaluate the following relevant skills of the candidates

  • Selendroid Skills: Selenium Grid, Selendroid Wrappers, Selendroid Troubleshooting, Selendroid Design Configuration, Selendroid Driver API, Selendroid Operations, Selendroid Configuration, Selendroid Heaps, Selendroid Components, Request Handlers, and more.
  • TestComplete Automated UI Testing Tool Skills: General Functional, BBC Functional, General Performance, General Open Applications, General Error Handling, General SendMail, General Command Line, General Scripting Objects, and more.
  • Ranorex GUI Testing Tool Skills: Ranorex UI Adapter, Ranorex Repository, Ranorex Test Suite, Ranorex Remote, Data Driven Testing, Ranorex Spy, Ranorex Recorder, and more.
  • Appium iOS Testing Skills: iOS Simulation, Test Configuration, Test Execution, Test Invocation, Test Requirements, and more.
  • Appium Android Testing Skills: Android Simulation, Debugging, Scalability, Compatibility, Configuration, Dependencies, and more.
  • Calabash Android Testing Skills: Calabash Dependencies, Calabash Configuration, Calabash Classes, Backdoor Methods, Calabash Text Entry, Calabash Commands, and more.
  • Calabash iOS Testing Skills: Calabash Methods, Text Entry, NSPractice, Calabash Shortcuts, Troubleshooting, Calabash Helper Modules, Calabash Gestures, and more.


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