Build a Diverse Team and Inclusive Workplace

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Ensure Bias-free Recruitment

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Allow Candidates a Level-playing Field to Showcase Talent

Skills-First Approach

  • Make fair, objective, and transparent hiring decisions structured on skills competency alone
  • Reviewer Role helps ensure unbiased assessment as all personally identifiable information is thoroughly masked
  • Multiple reviewers involved in the process help ensure balanced evaluation
skill first approch
eeoc compilance

Guarantee Equal Opportunity Compliance

  • Each question in the iMocha question library undergoes stringent checks for quality and EEOC compliance
  • All questions are free of bias related to gender, sex, religion, race, color, disability or genetic information

Inclusive Assessment Platform

  • Ensure fair assessments to candidates of all backgrounds
  • iMocha's assessment platform includes contrasting colors to aid color blindness, vision friendly font
  • Questions also have audio capability integrated
inclusive assessment platform
1 click integration

Seamless Integration with your Diversity Compliant ATS

  • EEOC requires ATS to collect candidate demographics to ensure compliance
  • iMocha provides seamless 1-Click integration to ensure a single repository for all candidate data
  • Leverage ready integration with top ATS like iCIMS, Workday, Taleo, Lever, and more

Build a diverse workforce today with iMocha


Case Study

How a leading US based CDN company met its diversity and inclusion goals

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