Diversity & Inclusion

Go beyond resumes and geographical barriers to create a hiring process that eliminates biases and evaluates candidates only on skills.

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We help you minimize bias in your recruitment process

diversity inclusion
diversity inclusion

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“One of our core mottos is to have applicants from diverse backgrounds for our training program. However, we wanted to eliminate any biases that might creep in with a resume- based approach. To achieve this, we used iMocha’s assessment platform that anonymized candidate data and focused only on the skills performance. This has helped us fulfill our Diversity & Inclusion goals.”

- Diversity & Inclusion Analyst,
   A leading US based CDN company
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Build a diverse and inclusive workforce

Implement D&I best practices, root out unconscious bias, and evaluate candidates on skills only.

Ensure focus on candidate’s skills only

Cut through the clutter of wordy and lengthy resumes that create unconscious bias. Empower recruiting and hiring teams to focus on the core skills required for the job-role. Build a rich and diverse candidate pipeline, widen your candidate pool, and provide a platform to candidates to shine through their skills and knowledge.

iMocha's skills assessment report helps you identify top performers based on proven skills eliminating gender, affinity, or contrast bias that sometimes unknowingly seeps in. Our adherence to EEOC guidelines ensures that each question used in the assessment is free of gender, race, sexuality, or religious connotations.

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eeoc compilance

Empower hiring teams to review reports objectively

Assessments, when subject to manual reviews, are vulnerable to unconscious biases. iMocha's reviewer role ensures that the candidate's personal information (PII) is not disclosed to the reviewer.

Up to 3 or more reviewers review each report to ensure balance, fair evaluation, and a transparent process. The reports are masked with only the answer section displayed to the reviewer. The reviewers go through the answer and score marks accordingly. The final assessment report is based on the average scores of all reviewers and is available only to the Admin and Super Admin roles. Ensure job-fit hiring with data-backed decisions.

“We have received a great ROI using iMocha. We promote diversity and inclusiveness at our organization, and iMocha has been integral in helping us achieve it. The assessments are EEOC compliant and free of any bias. This has made our hiring process more automated and allowed us to interact with the most qualified candidates shortlisted purely on skills.”

- Global Humanitarion Organization
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Provide an inclusive assessment platform to candidates

The User Interface and design of the assessment platform conform to WCAG 2.0 standards. iMocha's assessment platform ensures fair assessments to candidates of all backgrounds. The platform supports contrasting colors to aid candidates with color blindness along with a vision-friendly font.

All questions, answers, and important instructions have audio capability integrated to help candidates give their best shot. Hiring managers and recruiters can provide additional time to special candidates on a case-to-case basis empowering them to complete the assessments and showcase their skills.

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How a leading US based CDN company met its diversity and inclusion goals

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