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60+ skills from technical, functional, and soft skills
~80 hours of course content mapped for customized test
6000+ employees upskilled with certification
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Hexaware is a fast-growing and automation-led next-generation provider with a deep-rooted legacy of delivering excellence in IT, BPO, and consulting services and a rapidly expanding international footprint.

This superior performance is driven by a combination of superior strategy, the best teams in the world, and a culture passionate about innovation and automation.

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HexaVarsity has one goal, to nurture a learning culture and help people grow and succeed. We were studying industry trends and it was clear that Learning and Development was going to be the game changer. It was then that we decided to have iMocha's consultant centric plan, which would be designed to provide the best learning environment to our employees. With iMocha, we found the perfect assessment partner that brought a full circle to our initiative. After the course completion, the assessment provided an apt picture of our employees' strengths, areas of improvement, and laid the path for further individual development planning.

Tanuja Pereira,

Head - Learning and Development (Laterals)

iMocha's partnership

Challenges Faced

Hexaware is a rapidly expanding IT, BPO, and consulting firm focused on building a 50% digital workforce. Their in-house learning and development project, HexaVarsity, features a role-based certification initiative named "Evolve," which emphasizes assessments to ensure job role fitness and career growth. However, Hexaware encountered several hurdles impeding the program's success:

  • Lack of a robust, customized, and unbiased foundation for skill assessments was required
  • Available assessments on various learning content platforms were inadequate for the diverse needs of different job roles
  • Assessments on other skill assessment platforms did not match Hexaware's course content
  • One-on-one in-person assessments were not feasible due to highly resource and cost-intensive manual process.

Hexaware required a partner who could swiftly create personalized skill assessments.

Hexaware collaborated with iMocha to build a strong foundation for skill assessments that were customized for:

  • Various job roles under different employee bands
  • Full spectrum of technical, functional and soft skills
  • Specific learning course or module content on learning platform
  • Integration of assessment with their learning management system
  • 4 levels of assessment and certification
  • Ability to scale for thousands of employees

iMocha came up with a skill-agnostic, scalable, holistic & technology-driven solution for Hexaware to ensure they have a solid foundation for their Evolve program. iMocha used a cohort-based approach to customize assessments and deployed the solution in an agile mode which included:

  • iMocha‚s comprehensive ready-to-use skill assessment library covering 2,500+ skills, coding challenges, enterprise application platforms
  • iMocha‚s skill consulting process for calibrated and customized assessment creation, with peer-review and extensive quality checks by subject matter experts
  • 60+ job role-specific assessment customization for technical, functional and soft skills
  • AI-LogicBox, iMochas patented AI-based pseudo coding platform, designed to assess programmers logical and problem-solving skills
  • Advanced coding compilers to capture the logic behind the code and provide a great assessment experience
  • AI-enabled smart proctoring solutions to prevent cheating instances and maintain integrity & reliability of the assessments
  • Integration with LMS using REST API for seamless assessment experience within the flow of learning
  • In-detail reports and dashboard to help the business leaders make intelligent, data-driven decisions on talent strategy

iMocha delivered a seamless LMS integration experience where once an employee logs into Hexaware's LMS, they would be prompted with Technical, Functional and Soft skill assessments. All course content were mapped to create custom assessments for maximum effectiveness. The iMocha team successfully delivered 300+ assessments with record turnaround time, helping Hexaware team to conduct the training as per their desired schedule without any delays. Hexaware team was able to make the Evolve program a success with iMocha‚s value addition as mentioned below:

  • Identify skill gaps and evaluate skill proficiency
  • Make intelligent talent decisions with detailed reporting
  • Ease of use with simple interface
  • Evaluate training effectives with assessment
  • Maintain integrity of assessments through smart proctoring
  • Improve learning adoption and participation
  • Quantify training effectiveness by comparing pre- and post-learning results
  • Measure impact of learning to justify training investments
  • Conduct training as per planned schedule without any delays
  • 24x7 support by dedicated account management team

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With iMocha, get flexible, automated, innovative solutions to make intelligent talent decisions at any scale.

Why iMocha

With iMocha, get flexible, automated, innovative solutions to make intelligent talent decisions at any scale.
Custom, tailor-made
Customized, tailored assessments for specific job roles & niche technologies are delivered with iMocha Skill Consulting Services.
Flexible, scalable
iMocha's intuitive solutions are flexible & scalable for complex talent processes, learning tracks & skill proficiency levels.
Maintains integrity
iMocha's AI-powered smart cheating prevention and fraud detection mechanisms maintain 100% integrity & objectivity of assessments.
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