Campus Hiring

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Campus Hiring Solution

Reach out to more graduates without
visiting campuses

  • Increased number of applications and offer-to-join ratio
  • Automated offer roll-out
  • Reduced interviewing time & false positives
  • Candidate waiting room during campus interviews
  • Employer branding through recruitment microsite

Engage & train in a friendly environment

  • Engage & train by creating an environment of belonging
  • Assess & select through knowledge retention tests & hands-on skills
  • Onboard the right talent through Counselling, Hackathon, Competitions

Services to represent you in numerous partner campuses

  • Identifying-Finalizing-Coordinating with colleges for Campus drives
  • Preparing yearly calendar for your campus drives
  • Candidate support during campus drives
  • Bulk scheduling for campus

Innovation in Campus Hiring


Graduates screened simultaneously


Associated colleges in India


Integrity during assessments with smart proctoring

Delivering Impact to
Campus Hiring

Improved employer branding through customized Microsites for candidates

Our customized candidate portal helps you engage with students even before they graduate. Identify top performers in your talent pool and add them to your talent pool for future recruitment needs

  • Self assessment portal with advanced employer branding
  • In-depth skills report to identify the crème de la crème
  • Candidates can earn badges to identify their skill levels

The portal also gives the candidates the liberty to select and take assessments based on their preferences and/or in accordance with their career path.

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Bulk Scheduling of interviews

With iMocha's Bulk Interview Scheduling capability, recruiters can quickly and easily schedule interviews for multiple students with the hiring panel all at once, eliminating the need to schedule each interview manually.

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AI-driven Business Communication Assessment

Evaluate Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking skills of candidates and help them become proficient in Business English. AI-EnglishPro leverages Natural Language Processing Tools, Artificial Intelligence, Computational Linguistics, Text Analysis, and much more.

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Prevent cheating through Smart Proctoring

Ensure 100% integrity during assessments with candidate ID verification, smart video proctoring, and safe assessment browser.

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Get detailed reports of your campus drives

iMocha provides detailed insights across your entire recruitment funnel. Get reports for individual graduates and compare your performance across different campus drives.

A Funnel that shows how campus students are filtered by 3 stages, from asessing to offer letter

Campus Hiring Workflow

A Complete Campus Hiring Workflow for Recruiters

Hire with a Human Touch


Build deep relationships with students


Get a detailed insight into candidate skills


Create a worldclass interview experience for all scenarios


Smooth Transition from Student to  Employee

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