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    • Mainframe Developer
    • Mainframe Programmer
    • Mainframe Analyst
    • Mainframe Specialist
    • Mainframe Consultant
    • Mainframe Production Support Engineer
    • Mainframe Assembler Specialist
    • REXX Developer
    • COBOL Programmer
    • COBOL Developer
    • COBOL Analyst
    • Mainframe CICS Developer
    • Mainframe Developer - JCL
    • Software Engineer Developer - Cobol
    • Micro Focus Cobol Developer
    • System Support Analyst
    • Mainframe Storage Engineer
    • Mainframe Testing Professional
    • Mainframe Performance Engineer

    Mainframe development tests questions evaluate the following relevant skills of the candidates

    • Mainframe Production Support Skills: CA7, CA11, Ready Queue, JCL Run and Demand Commands, & more.
    • Mainframe Assembler Skills: Logical Instructions, Language Components Addressing, Registers, Pointers Manipulation, Subroutines and Subprograms File Management, & more.
    • IBM Mainframe REXX Skills: Data Model, File Operations, Parsing, String Manipulation, Basic Components, Program Structure, & more.
    • COBOL Skills: Write Out-Rec statement, procedure - division statement, merge verb, rewrite verb, string verb, access mode clause, & more.
    • COBOL 400 Skills: Procedures, Addition Operators, Variables and Renaming Variables, User Sequence, Evaluate Statement, Move Operation, & more.
    • CICS Skills: CICS Features, CICS Functions, Control Functions, BMS, MAP, Interface Block, & more.
    • JCL Skills: MVC JES3 Mode, SYSOUT Dataset, In-stream or Cataloged Procedures, JCL Statements, & more.
    • VSAM Skills: File Attributes, Access Method, Abend, File Disposition, Cluster Level, Types of VSAM, VSAM Datasets, & more.

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