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Use ServiceNow test to assess and hire for job roles such as:

  • ServiceNow Admin
  • ServiceNow Analyst
  • ServiceNow Developer
  • ServiceNow Specialist
  • Configuration Analyst - ServiceNow

ServiceNow test questions evaluate the following relevant skills of the candidates

  • ServiceNow Admin Skills: Service Catalog, Home Page, Email Notifications, Inactivity Monitors, System Properties, ServiceNow Performance, Transform Maps, Workflow, Update Sets, and more.
  • ServiceNow Developer Skills: Business Rule, Client Script, Scripted Web Service, REST web service, UI Script, System Properties, Processor, and more.

Two important use cases for ServiceNow Test

#1 Identifying job-fit candidates based on job roles

You can create customized ServiceNow assessments for any given job role. Using this feature, you can choose questions from different skill types, including functional, technical, and soft skills. For example, with our customized ServiceNow test, you can evaluate candidates’ knowledge of Scripted Web Service, Service Catalog, Workflow, REST web service, and Communication Skills and assess the best individuals for the job.

#2 Skill-gap analysis of your employees

iMocha allows you to measure employees' skill competency through ServiceNow training assessments. It determines the existing skill level and identifies the areas for growth. It also measures the knowledge and impact of the training and traces individual employees’ progress. For example, you can use our ServiceNow training assessments to identify knowledge about Update Sets, Processor, and other skills and perform a skill gap analysis.

Test Creation Process

We provide different types of ServiceNow assessments to help you evaluate candidates' specific skills. These questions are created by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) based on their knowledge and expertise. For example, only ServiceNow specialists will create questions about System Properties or UI Script based on the difficulty level of easy, medium, and hard.

You can - choose which questions to include in the ServiceNow test or ask us to create customized ServiceNow assessments according to your requirements.


How is ServiceNow test customized?
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We can customize this ServiceNow test to suit your needs. Our SMEs will refer to the job description and customize the ServiceNow assessments based on the required skills needed. Some include Transform Maps, REST web service, etc. Likewise, you can choose the difficulty level to assess candidates of different experience levels.

What are the most common interview questions for this role?
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Here are some common interview questions asked for the ServiceNow specialist role:

• What do you mean by the term “Application” in ServiceNow?

• How will you hide/show a field using client script?

• How to enable or disable an application?

• How do you troubleshoot issues with ServiceNow?

• How do you handle stakeholder communication and management in ServiceNow projects?

• What do you mean by coalescing?

• What is the difference between UI policy and data policy?

• How can you cancel a form submission through client script?

• What do you mean by data lookup and record matching?

What are roles and responsibilities of ServiceNow Specialist?
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A ServiceNow specialist is a technical professional who has expertise in using the ServiceNow platform to design, implement, and support business processes and IT service management (ITSM) processes. Some of the specific roles and responsibilities of a ServiceNow specialist may include:

• Creating custom modules, workflows, and integrations

• Identifying the root cause of problems and implementing solution

• Developing and maintaining documentation for the ServiceNow platform

• Gathering requirements, designing solutions, and testing and deploying new features

What are the required skillsets of ServiceNow Specialist?
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Some of the required skillset are:

Technical Skills:

• Deep understanding of the ServiceNow platform

• Knowledge of ITIL processes

• Extensive knowledge of JavaScript

• Familiarity with UI, SQL, HTML and CSS

• Knowledge of XML and structural programming concepts

Soft Skills:

• Advanced problem-solving ability

• Excellent communication and presentation skills

• Organization and time management skills

What is the package of ServiceNow Specialist?
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According to data from Glassdoor, the average salary for a ServiceNow specialist in the United States is around $77,000 per year. However, salaries can range from around $50,000 to $110,000 per year or more.

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