Exceptional Coding Simulators

Real-time simulators with 1,500 coding problems for 25+ programming languages to assess candidates’ coding knowledge, analytical thinking, and logical approach

Real-time simulators

Remote Skills Assessment platform to screen talented candidates and reduce time-to-hire

  • Code Replay to capture mind map of candidate
  • Customizable Editor Keyboard (Vim/Emacs) and Editor Theme (Dark/Light) for candidate convenience
coding simulator
  • Code Stubs to help candidates focus on the algorithm and logic
  • Intellisense - Auto complete code lines and save time

Customers Love iMocha

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We wanted candidates who could excel in dealing upfront with the customers and also had great analytical and listening skills. iMocha's tests allowed us to evaluate candidates for these parameters and shortlist the best. We also observed that the candidates who scored well on the tests, performed well at the interviews as well.

- Nice Actimize

Hire the best developers with our world-class features and skills library

Comprehensive Skills Library for all needs

iMocha offers a complete suite of assessments for Backend Technologies, Frontend Technologies, Next-Gen Technologies, and Database Technologies powered with insightful analytics to help our customers identify stellar developers and coders.

The library includes 1,500 coding problems with code stubs for each. These candidate friendly code stubs help avoid wasting the candidates’ time and allow them to focus on the algorithm required to solve the problem.

code replay
code plagarism

Candidate Mind-map with Code Replay

iMocha's Code Replay feature helps you to understand code cleanliness, memory optimization, accuracy, and logic.

  • View only the heatmaps of code execution
  • Replay a step-by-step video of the candidate’s coding abilities
  • Observe their approach to solve the coding problems

This will help differentiate good programmers from your average programmers.

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We realized that to acquire quality talent, our recruitment process was in dire need of automation. Too many of our technical team were simply wasting hours conducting interviews that did not yield the desired results. For us, the foremost criteria was to find a recruitment partner who could tick all the right boxes.

- Rehana Nisar, Gartner

Detect Code Plagiarization

The platform helps you to prevent fraud by comparing the code both internally and externally.

  • Advanced plagiarism mechanisms to detect original code and software similarity
  • Estimated unoriginality count to allow a permissible limit of unintended similarities
  • Comprehensive 3 level check (peer, local, web) for in-depth analysis

iMocha helps make sure that your candidates are genuine test takers and are writing original codes.

code quality check
ai proctring

Thorough Analysis of Code Quality

Hiring Managers often spend a lot of time reviewing the code written by candidates. iMocha's exceptional code quality feature helps you identify advanced coders by providing insights into a candidate's code, highlighting its complexity, maintainability, and reliability.

  • Determine cleanliness of code for every instance
  • Track memory usage and execution time for every problem attempted
  • Select only the most qualified candidates for your requirements

Advanced Cheating Prevention

iMocha's AI-powered Proctoring measures help prevent instances of cheating/fraud and facilitate a smooth test experience.

  • Real-time image, audio, and video capturing that is compatible with multiple browsers
  • Advanced window-lock, and IP access tracking to ensure test integrity
  • Randomization of questions and answers to minimize chances of cheating during bulk tests
code quality check

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