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Candidate profile summary built by using coding simulator
Help enterprises hire or upskill coders
Assess coding knowledge, analytical thinking, problem-solving and logical approach of coders using

2500+ coding

which includes problems such as Frontend, Backend, Mobility, Scripting, Specialized QBs, Databases and so on.

35+ coding

which include languages such as Java, Python, C#, node.js, javascript, Go.
iMocha’s coding simulators help in
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Talent Acquisition

Accessing and hiring top coders

Talent development

Evaluating coding skills of employees

Why iMocha coding

Exceptional coding experience

iMocha provides a real-life coding environment for coders using Code Stubs, Intellisense, customizable editor keyboard, editor theme and custom test inputs

One of the largest coding content library in the world

iMocha has one of the largest coding skill library in the world, with 2500+ coding problems. You can also add your coding problems or get customized problems created.

Coding insights using intelligent analytics

iMocha provides comprehensive reports that give you insights into candidate’s code quality, correctness of the code, plagiarism check, code replay and much more
Only hire coders who write high-quality code

Track memory usage and execution time

Understand candidates on their ability to clearly, correctly, and coherently communicate in a business environment

Check for
code plagiarism

Prevent fraud by comparing the code, both internally and externally. The solution also prevents candidates and employees from copying the code from external sources.

Check if the code is robust, reliable, and maintainable

iMocha provides Code Quality Reports that evaluate the code on the parameters of robustness, reliability, and maintainability, thus giving you deeper insights into the code quality.

Evaluate the coder’s approach

Code replay lets you see the entire video to check the coder’s approach. It also shows the instances where the code was compiled, thus allowing you to gauge the candidate’s mind map and code writing capabilities.
iMocha’s coding simulator contains
Code Stubs across multiple languages so that the candidates don't have to write the code from scratch and can focus on the logic.
Intellisense that saves the coder’s time by providing auto-completion of code lines. Intellisense helps coders get more insight into the code they're using.
Customizable Editor Keyboard (Vim/Emacs) and Editor Theme (Dark/Light) that ensure that the coder gets a world-class experience.
Custom test input that allows the coder to test code by using their own inputs.

AI-LogicBox allows for coding assessments while eliminating the guesswork that is typical of multiple choice questions

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Coding library
Add your assessments or ask our customer success team to create customized assessments, based on your specific needs.


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