An AI way to evaluate logic building skills quickly

Take an AI leap past the bottleneck of heavy coding compilers when evaluating coder’s logic for technologies such as cloud, enterprise application, functional and more. iMocha's very own patent – the AI-LogicBox brings the most engaging, quick and interactive interface to assess the ability to build correct logic in codes.


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AI-LogicBox - Smart Coding Assessments
iMocha's patented AI-powered solution enables recruiters and talent managers to directly focus on talent’s ability to build logic in a coding script. In addition to evaluating logic, its scoring mechanism identifies the smartest approach to logic building, so you can identify the best coders.
Sample Python question based on AI LogicBox format
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Become independent of compilers and IDE

Assess skills for a range of technologies without having to set up heavy & unique compilers and leverage a single platform to assess skills for technologies

Increase Test Completion rate

Witness higher participation and lesser dropouts among both freshers as well as experienced coders, with short and engaging assessments

Eliminate manual evaluation of lengthy codes

Forget the hassles of running whole code scripts with coding experts to get the necessary insights code logic that determines quality of code

Measure logic-building skills with more insights

Objectively score the ability to input high quality logic into critical code lines and know talent’s productivity in executing codes with least trial & error

Standardize level of leniency in scoring

Use Partial Scoring and simple calibration to manage the level of leniency you wish to assign to high- and low-quality logics for the same code script

Avoid false positives owing to guesswork

Replace traditional MCQ type coding questions with Code in the blanks type of innovation and eliminate false positives due to lucky guesswork

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Check out an interesting brew of interviews and AI-LogicBox

AI-LogicBox Interviews are an innovative interview solution to improve assessment adoption, especially among experienced professionals. This feature allows recruiters to conduct quick yet comprehensive assessments during an ongoing interview itself. It immensely shortens the hiring cycle by eliminating the redundancy of arranging any additional coding rounds.