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Hire job-fit candidates faster than anybody else

The iMocha Talent Acquisition solution helps you Engage, Screen, and Interview candidates, so that you can fill open job roles at a lightning speed, that too with quality talent.
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Build a strong recruitment funnel
Deliver projects on time by creating a client-ready pool
Improve ‘time to fill’ a position and hire only quality talent
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Stay competitive by building a skilled workforce
Create a world-class assessment experience
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The largest skill library in the world with all the latest skills

iMocha’s skill library has assessments for 2500+ skills for more than 200 job roles. The library contains assessments for all the latest skills. Just drag and drop the skills for which you want to assess.

Create custom assessments based on your hiring needs

In the rare possibility that a particular skill is not present in the library, the Customer Success team works with you to create customized assessments that are tailored to your needs.

Create a recruitment experience that candidates love

Considering that many organizations get a flak for creating mediocre recruitment experiences, the iMocha Talent Acquisition Solution aims at delighting the candidates by providing an unforgettable assessment experience.
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Easy, unbiased analytics for better Hiring decisions

Take bias-free hiring decisions using intelligent analytics

iMocha’s advanced Talent analytics give you detailed insights into the skill proficiencies of candidates, so that you can hire the best, job-fit talent. Additionally, you get an entire glimpse of your recruitment funnel, so that you know what’s working and what’s not.

Easily fit iMocha into your existing system

iMocha solution is a simple, plug-and-play solution, that seamlessly fits into your existing Recruitment systems. The solution readily integrates with your ATS, without any headaches.

Benchmark your workforce against the industry standards

Compare the skills of the candidates with the industry standards, by using iMocha’s benchmarking capabilities. These capabilities tell you exactly how the candidate stands against the industry standards.
Case studies

Capgemini partnered with iMocha & Chegg to shortlist 20+ developers from leading universities

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Nice saved 65% interview time with the iMocha solution
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Orange FrameFujitsu
Fujitsu minimized 50% dependency on the Technical evaluation team
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