Accelerated Hiring with a Skills-first Approach

Hire Job-fit Candidates
at Lightening Speed

Hire global talent with iMocha’s remote hiring platform

  • Remotely assess the skills of candidates
  • Conduct remote hiring interviews with ease
  • Prevent cheating and detect fraudulent activities
  • Use intelligent talent analytics to make better hiring decisions

Eliminate bias from your recruitment process

  • Bias-free hiring process to build a diverse and inclusive workforce
  • Recruit candidates based only on their skills and capabilities
  • UI and design of the assessment platform conform to WCAG 2.0 standards

Hire qualified candidates using leading skill assessment tools

  • Gain visibility about global workforce
  • Hire and manage your non-permanent workforce
  • Save time in finding suitable candidates for hard-to-fill positions
  • Online coding tests in a live environment
  • Reduce dependency on hiring managers

Build a Skilled Workforce Effectively


Reduction in time-to-hire by global organization

2 million+

Assessments per year, solidifying the platform scalability


Lesser dependency on the technical evaluation team

World-class Assessment Experience

Prevent cheating through Smart Proctoring

Ensure 100% integrity during assessments with candidate ID verification, smart video proctoring, and safe assessment browser.

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Leverage the World’s Largest Skills Library

Get access to EEOC-compliant questions across 2500+ skills. Reduce bias by process automation and anonymising candidate PII.

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Assess and hire global talent using Live Interview

Using iMocha’s solution, you can conduct automated interviews, live interview, and live coding interview. You can collaborate seamlessly with your hiring team in real-time. Invite up to 3 interviewers to assess a candidate thoroughly and reduce the number of interviews.

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Hire with a Human Touch


Build deep relationships with candidates


Get a detailed insight into candidate skills


Create a worldclass interview experience for all scenarios


Improve the offer-to-join ratio of candidates

Intelligent Talent Analytics for
Better Hiring Decisions

Eliminate guesswork from your hiring decisions with a host of recruitment analytics and intuitive dashboards. iMocha’s Talent analytics give you actionable insights to evaluate candidate as well as recruiter performance. Evaluate your candidate pipeline, measure test performance, and analyze invitation data as well. You also get in-depth reports to measure candidate engagement and determine recruiter or interviewer’s effectiveness.