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Use IBM assessments to assess and hire for the following job roles:

  • IBM BPM Developer
  • Software Engineer - IBM BPM
  • IBM BPM Consultant

  • Mainframe Programmer
  • Mainframe Analyst
  • Mainframe Specialist

Two important use cases for IBM assessment test

1 Identifying job-fit candidates based on job roles

iMocha is the trusted skill assessment platform that helps to create customized skill assessments according to the job role. In addition, skill assessment is prepared as per the job descriptions. The dedicated team in iMocha looks into the job description and lists the skills required for the job role. With the help of prepared assessments, you can identify job-fit candidates.

2 Skill-gap analysis of your employees

Skill-gap analysis can be measured with the help of pre-and post-training assessments. These assessments show the scores of a candidate based on learning. In addition, iMocha platform can be integrated with LMS (digital learning platform) to know the skill gap of candidates.

Test Creation Process

Our IBM online assessment test help assess candidate’s specific skills. These assessments are created by Subject Matter Experts using their industry experience. Example: questions based on Debugging Techniques, String Operations, Array, and Tables Processing will only be created by IBM experts.

You can pick the questions you like or request us to create more questions if required.

IBM screening test questions evaluate the following relevant skills of the candidates

  • IBM Focus Test: Reporting, Variables, Data Sources, File Handling, Basic Components, Database I/O.
  • IBM Mainframe Test: Cobol, JCL, DB2, VSAM.
  • IBM WebSphere Test: SCA Modules, JCA, Integrated Solutions Console, WebSphere Adaptors, WebSphere Integration.

iMocha can accelerate your IBM Mainframe recruitment progress with Mainframe Assembler, Mainframe REXX, Mainframe Production Support tests and give your hiring a boost. Scale your hiring with IBM DB/400 test, DB2 Database test, and DB2 SQL Developer Test. Get insight into candidate skills on COBOL 400, BPM, Cognos, Websphere, Sterling Commerce, and Tririga through Live coding interview platform.


How is IBM online test customized?
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IBM assessment test is appropriately designed and validated by SMEs to assess the skills of the candidate. For recruiters, setting assessments on IBM screening test is quite a simple process. They can set assessments on coding skills based on easy, medium, and hard difficulty levels. Some of the skills tests that can be customized are VSAM test, IBM RFT test, IBM Rational test, IBM FOCUS test, etc.

What are the certifications required for IBM professionals?
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Some of the certifications are:

  • IBM Mainframe Application Development - Certificate
  • IBM Certified Developer - Cognos Analytics V11.1.x
  • IBM Certified Application Developer using Process Designer - Business Process Manager V8.6
  • IBM Certified System Administrator - WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment V9.0
  • IBM Certified Associate Application Developer - TRIRIGA Application Platform V3.2.1

What are the most common interview questions for IBM professional?
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Listed below are some of the common interview questions:

  • Explain Interoperability between AMODE 31 (31-bit) and AMODE 64 (64-bit) COBOL?
  • What happens when you play all scenes to the end and/or in a continuous loop in the cognos analytics platform?
  • How many quality stage modules are used in InfoSphere Information Server?
  • What is the difference between a Key Sequence Data Set (KSDS), Entry Sequence Data Set (ESDS), and Relative Record Data Set (RRDS) in VSAM?
  • What are the steps of IBM WebSphere Application Server v9.0 Product Migration?

What are the roles and responsibilities of IBM professionals?
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Here are some of the roles and responsibilities:

  • Should be able to design, code, enter, compile run and debug basic ILE COBOL programs
  • Should know how to prioritize and respond to ad-hoc requests for service orchestration of IBM BPM.
  • Should have a basic knowledge of Cognos Analytics, IBM FileNet Content Manager and InfoSphere Information Server Packs
  • Should know how to work proficiency in performance tuning, monitoring, and troubleshooting IBM DB2 Database

What are the required skill sets of IBM professionals?
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Some of the required skillsets of IBM professionals:

  • They should have a strong familiarity with commercial data processing
  • They should be able to manage enterprise business processes
  • They need to have a business intelligence visualization
  • They should have solid knowledge of Sequence Data Set organization skills, GUI, regression, and functional skills

What is the package of IBM professionals?
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On average IBM salary in the USA is $117,026 per year or $60.01 per hour. Freshers get $97,500 per year, while experienced workers get up to $156,000 per year.

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