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    Use our pre-employment Java skill assessment tests to assess & hire

    • Junior Java Developer
    • Senior Java Developer
    • Junior / Senior Java Programmer
    • Java application developers with 0 to 6 yrs of experience
    • Java software developers with 0 to 6 yrs of experience
    • UI Java Developer
    • Java Architect
    • J2EE Architect
    • Core Java Developer
    • Grails Developer
    • Software Developer (Hibernate)
    • Java Expert
    • Java Specialist
    • Java API Developer
    • IT Solution Architect
    • JSF Developer
    • Test Automation Engineer - JUnit
    • Java EE Developer
    • Software Engineer - J2EE
    • Sr. Java Developer - J2EE
    • J2EE Developer
    • Apache Tomcat Administrator
    • Tomcat Server Admin
    • Linux System Admin - Apache Tomcat
    • System Administrator –Apache Tomcat
    • Groovy Developer
    • Ant Specialist
    • Drools Developer
    • Java Developer - EJB

    Java developer assessment test questions evaluates following relevant Java skills of candidates

    • Core Java Concepts:Variables, Operators, Statements, Data Types, Threads, Servlets, etc.
    • Java Skills: Java Coding, Core Java, OOPs Concepts, Error Handling, Problem Solving
    • OOPs Concepts: Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstract Data Types, Classes, etc.
    • J2EE: Java Servlets, JSP, EJB, Java APIs, EJB Injection, Messaging Driven Beans, Java EE Application Servers, etc.
    • Hibernate Concepts: Hibernate strategies, Object Relational Mapping (ORM), Stored Procedure Queries, etc.
    • Grails Framework: Commands, Controllers, Filters, GORM, Grail GSP, etc.
    • Java API: RMI Server, RMI Client, Hash Map, Java Message Service (JMS), etc.
    • Java Design Patterns: creational, structural, behavior patterns
    • JSF: JSF 2, Backing Beans, JSF 2 Navigation, etc.
    • RichFaces: RichFaces Architectural Overview, Basic Components, etc.
    • Seam & Weld (SW): JBOSS, Array in Seam, Data Model in Seam, etc.
    • Spring Framework: Spring Applications, Configuration, Test Module, Spring MVC Controller, Spring Boot, Spring Rest, Spring Batch, Spring Cloud, etc.
    • UI Java Development: JavaScript, Java, HTML5, CSS, JQuery, etc.
    • MySQL: MySQL Commands and Queries
    • Groovy: Groovy Control Structures, Groovy OOPs, Groovy Gradle, Groovy Scripts
    • Ant: Ant Operation Tags, Ant Properties, Creating Targets in Ant, Folder and File Handling in Ant
    • Drools: Drools Dependencies, Drools Runtime, Drools Rule Creation, Drools Camel Server
    • EJB: Accessing EJB, EJB Instance Injection, Message Driven Beans, EJB Interceptors
    • Liferay: Liferay Portlet Applications, Liferay Portlet Classes, Liferay Deployment in Portlets, Liferay Sessions, etc.
    • Java Full Stack Skills: Strings and Regular Expressions, Strings And Regular Expressions, Exception Handling, Request Mapping, etc.
    • Java Swing Skills: SwingUtilities, ComponentUI Class, Jcomponent, JLabel, etc.
    • Java Play Framework: Play Actions, Play Reactivity, Play Database, etc.
    • IntelliJ Skills: IntelliJ Idea Settings, VCS, Annotations and more.
    • Java RESTful Web Services
    • JDBI v3, JDBC

    You can always ask us to customize Java proficiency test as per your job description.

    “Java is our technology driver to write applications for our clients. We need programmers, architects and UI developers. iMocha allows to thoroughly test them with a combination of coding simulators, Java technical tests and aptitude tests.”

    Manav Prasad
    Head HR - Compassites
    iMocha - Client-Testimonial

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are Java skill tests?

    The Java skill tests are pre-employment tests for recruiters and hiring managers to hire job-fit candidates for Java developer position. These tests help to quantify Java skills of candidates using validated question set and AI-powered analytics. These tests helps to evaluate candidates' ability to solve coding problems using Java.

    Why use iMocha's Java skill tests?

    iMocha's Java skill tests help recruiter & hiring managers to assess Java programming skills of the candidates. Our tests are designed to help tech recruiters and hiring managers to assess candidates in various experience levels (entry, intermediate and experienced). Java assessment tests include Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Multiple Answer Questions (MAQ), Fill in the Blanks, Whiteboard Questions, and Audio/Video Questions, coding questions, AI-LogicBox, etc. that will help recruiters to:

    • Reduce hiring time up to 40% 
    • Reduce technical screening time by 80%
    • Increase interview-to-selection ratio by 62%

    How do you assess Java developer skills while hiring?

    iMocha’s 45+ technical tests on Java helps recruiters to assess candidates Java programming skills. Our assessments help to evaluate a candidate’s understanding about various concepts in Java like OOPs (Data Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism), Java constructs like loops and data types, String handling, Collection framework, Multithreading, and Exception handling, etc.

    Tech recruiters & hiring managers can utilize features like LogicBox questions, coding simulators to assess Java coding skills of the developers. Hiring managers can use live coding interviews to conduct coding assessments in real time. Our coding platform also comes with CodeReplay feature which helps reviewer to replay screen capture of line-by-line code written by candidate.

    Take our Java technical test to identify & hire job fit Java developers