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    • Project Manager (7+ years of experience)
    • Technical Project Manager ( 5+ years of experience)
    • Agile Project Manager
    • Technical Project Manager
    • Oracle Agile Project Manager
    • Junior Agile Project Manager
    • Senior Agile Project Manager
    • XP Developer
    • XP Agile Software Engineer
    • Kanban Specialist
    • Kanban Project Manager
    • Prince2 Project Manager
    • Prince2 Project Coordinator
    • Prince2 Project Executive
    • Prince2 Practitioner
    • Scrum Master

    Pre-employment project management skills test evaluate the following skills of candidates:

    • Project Management: Stakeholder management, risk management, communication management, written communication, analytical thinking.
    • Agile project management: Agile project, agile leader, agile process, agile development, scrum, agile methods.
    • Extreme Programming: Requirements management, extreme programming practices, team scaling, project timeline, XP methodology, dependencies, collective ownership, pair programming, team formation.
    • Kanban: Public access , swimlanes, board sharing , project times , tasks limit, modes, updating board
    • PRINCE2: Quality planning, qualities of project management team, themes, scope, stage boundary ,project Initialization , process model.
    • Scrum Master: General, sprint, impediments, story points, sprint retrospective, sprint backlog, scrum meeting, sprint planning, sprint review, sprint length, charts.
    • Six Sigma: Data analysis, process capability, output quality, root cause analysis, flow analysis, performance measurement, statistical quality tools, benchmarking, control chart, yield rate, design of experiments (DOE), process capability.
    • IT Project Management Skills: Kanban, Scrum, PRINCE2, Six Sigma.

    “We choose our project managers very carefully as they are the leaders who decide the success of any project. iMocha’s well designed test has made this complex task very simple for us. The tests assess all the multiple skills required for the difficult role of a Project Manager.”

    Sanyogita Zope
    Manager - Goddres

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