Skills Analytics


Make informed talent decisions, track performances, and bridge employee skill gaps with insightful, data-driven analytics

iMocha offers comprehensive insights to facilitate informed talent decisions throughout your talent lifecycle. With Skills Intelligence Cloud™, leverage advanced AI models and analytics to transform workforce skills management.

Strategic Talent

Gain a deep understanding of workforce capabilities through detailed analytics, enabling strategic talent management and planning.

Proactive Skill Gaps Closure

Identify and close critical skill gaps effectively with targeted analytics, ensuring your workforce evolves in line with industry demands.

Performance Optimization

Monitor and enhance employee performance through continuous skills tracking and development insights, driving overall organizational efficiency.

Comprehensive Organization-wide Skills Analysis

Gain a holistic view of organizational skills, identifying critical gaps and plan targeted upskilling with comprehensive, organization-wide analysis.

Align Workforce with Skill Gap Analysis

Align workforce capabilities with business goals by evaluating skills demand and supply, understanding shortages, and using multi-channel validation.

Customize Training with Precision

Optimize training by profiling employee skills, identifying gaps, and tailoring programs to address specific needs with customized solutions.

Map Skills to Job Profiles Dynamically

Ensure job roles align with industry standards using AI for skills-to-capabilities mapping and job profile dashboards for analytics.
Case Study
How Siemens India utilized 30+ skill assessments to take unbiased employee performance appraisal decisions.