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Brewing a Smarter Skill-planet

Talent leaders around the world are adopting a skills-first approach for Recruitment, Learning & Development, Workforce Planning, Internal Mobility, Performance Appraisal, and Engagement & Retention.

But multiple sources and legacy ways of storing skill data makes it difficult for them to efficiently carry out their respective business functions.

iMocha’s Skills Intelligence Cloud helps enterprises to build a skills-first, data-driven ecosystem encompassing hiring, upskilling, and managing talent – at scale, for any job role, any industry.

Multi-channel Approach
to Skills Intelligence

Let not assessments be your only source to take smarter talent decisions. Plan for the skills of the future by combining industry, organizational, and employee level skill insights.

Skills Inventory

Social Data

Resume Parsing
Stack Overflow

Internal System Data

Project History
Training Data
Certification Data
Performance Data

User Input

Self-declared Skills
Manager Inputs
360 degree Skills Feedback

Skills Validated

Functional Skills
Technical Skills
Coding Skills
Communication Skills

Build a skills-first organization

Providing a complete skills infrastructure

  • Taxonomy to stay on top of the skills
  • Common competency framework through skill ontology
  • Job Architecture
  • Integration with HR ecosystem

Unleash the full potential of your workforce

  • Skill Gap Analysis
  • Find the right candidates for key roles
  • Measuring ROI/effectiveness of learning programs

Unmatched experience for your Employees

  • Personalized intelligent skills profile
  • Democratic learning and validation of skills
  • Validate skills in mandatory learning programs
  • Know your learning path through skill recommendations
Transform your Business with Skills Intelligence

Skills Taxonomy & Ontology

Industry-standard taxonomy with an innovative way to implement your organization’s job architecture.

Skill-gap Analysis

Effectively execute up-skilling and re-skilling programs and measure the ROI of your learning programs.

Skills Matching

Validate primary skills in your system and match them with your business demand.

Skills Benchmarking

Benchmark skill proficiency on primary, secondary and soft skills, with skill mix and proficiency level across your organization and industry.

Skills Insights

Qualitative insights to enhance your employees’ career profile, effectively plan compensation, benefits, and rewards.

Executive Dashboards

Understand your workforce to make better decisions for your customers, partners, and employees.

Right Job Architecture for
your Organization

iMocha can implement the right job architecture for your organization to build your employees’ job profiles with a skills-based approach.

Skill Taxonomy

Ontology -based Skills Mapping

Employee Skills Profile

Multi-channel Skills Validation

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