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    Use our data scientists interview tests to assess & hire data scientist & similar job roles such as:

    • Data Science Engineer
    • Deep Learning Engineer
    • Data Science Developer
    • Research Engineer - Deep Learning
    • Data Science Associate
    • Deep Learning Developer
    • Data Analysts
    • Python Developer
    • Research Analyst
    • Python Programmer
    • Associate Data Analyst
    • Python Analyst
    • Data Analyst Specialist
    • Machine Learning Engineer
    • Business Analyst
    • Machine Learning Developer
    • Data Architect
    • Machine Learning Expert
    • Machine Learning Specialist

    For recruiting data scientists, our data science interview tests help to measure below skills:

    • Data Science with R : Machine Learning Techniques, Analytics , Data Manipulation
    • Data Science with Python: Packages, Scripts, Modules, Nested Loops, Strings
    • Introduction to Data Science
    • Introduction to Statistics
    • Data Visualization
    • Exploratory Data Analysis
    • Regression Analysis
    • Subprocess Module
    • Random Module
    • Regular Expressions
    • Built-in Functions
    • Command-Line Arguments
    • Extended Iterable Unpacking
    • Python Implementations
    • Neural Networks
    • Regression Analysis: Linear Regression, Non-Linear Regression
    • Pattern Recognition: Clustering
    • Data Exploration

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    iMocha - Client-Testimonial-Pedro Furtado, Capacity Manager, Altran

    Take your first step for recruiting job-fit data scientists