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    “Our clients are in health care, business, education and the defense industry. Testing SQL skills is crucial for us. iMocha with their thorough and comprehensive tests for skills and job roles has been a huge support in this effort.”

    Devendra Deshmukh
    CEO - e-Zest

    SQL Simulator, iMocha’s innovative feature, is designed to test the candidate’s

    effectiveness at retrieving data from the available databases.

    More specifically, the simulator helps you track the entire journey of the candidate’s approach and find out how many queries were fired before the right data was retrieved in a timely manner, allowing you to take informed hiring decisions.

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    Benefits of using our SQL Assessment test

    • Effectively assess candidate/employee SQL skills
    • Competency mapping- Compare with industry benchmarks
    • Informed hiring decisions- Identify perfect fit for the position
    Use SQL knowledge test to assess SQL, MS SQL, MySQL skills of job roles such as:
    • SQL Database Administrator (0-5 yrs of experience)
    • Database Developer
    • Database Expert
    • Junior/Senior Database Administrator
    • MySQL Database Administrator
    • Junior/ Senior MySQL Database Administrator (MySQL DBA)
    • PL/SQL developer
    • Database Application Developer
    • MS SQL Server DBA
    • MySQL Database Developer
    • NoSQL Database Administrator
    • PLSQL developer
    • Oracle PLSQL Developer
    • System Software Engineer – PostgreSQL
    • T-SQL Developer
    • SQL Server Developer
    • MS SQL Server developer
    • SQL Server Programmer
    • Microsoft BI Developer
    • Business Intelligence Analyst
    • SQL Data Analyst
    • Hadoop and NoSQL Operations Engineer
    • NoSQL Database Administrator
    • NoSQL Platform Engineer
    • NoSQL Data Analyst
    • PostgreSQL Database Administrator
    • PostgreSQL Database Developer
    • SSAS Developer
    • SSAS BI Consultant

    SQL Skills test measures the below skills of candidate:
    • SQL Basics: Basic concept in SQL, Syntax & Commands, SQL Data Types & Literals, Tables, Views, Indexes, Nulls, SQL Functions, DDL, DML, DTL(TCL)
    • Oracle Basics: Commands in Oracle, Oracle Functions, Tables, Queries, etc.
    • PL/SQL Basics: Commands used in PLSQL, Data types, Cursor attributes etc.
    • DBMS Concepts: Data Entities, Database Management, different syntaxes used, Commands used in database management etc.
    • MS SQL Server: Types of indexes, SQL tables and triggers, SQL keys, sorting & filtering data, Built-In Functions, Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012 database, Architecture and Editions of SQL Server 2012, Pivot Query in SQL Server 2014, SQL Server 2014 Execution Plan, SQL Server 2014 Query Optimizer
    • SQL Queries: Basic understanding of SQL, SQL Tables, Commands used in SQL queries etc.
    • SQL Skills: Database Design Using Normalization MySQL Basic, SQL for Database Construction, DBMS Concepts etc.
    • MySQL 5.0: INFORATION_SCHEMA, MySQL Tables and Indexes, MySQL Storage Engines, MySQL Security, ' Data Types, API & Connectors, MySQL Cluster, Metadata, etc.
    • Data Warehouse: Data Warehousing, Data Mining, Data Modeling etc.
    • Oracle PL/SQL: Basic concepts of Oracle PL/SQL, SQL Triggers, SQL Indexes etc.
    • NoSQL Skills: Column-Store system, Key-value solutions, Document Store IT Solutions, Document Store IT Solutions
    • PostgreSQL Skills: PostgreSQL Commands, Relational Data Model

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