How Capgemini upskilled 3,500+ fresh graduates as well-rounded talent for effective project deployment

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Employees upskilled with English skill gap analysis
Rreduction in training costs with training need identification
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Capgemini is a global leader in consulting, digital transformation, technology, and engineering services, and outsourcing services. In the evolving world of cloud, digital, and platforms, this group is at the forefront of innovation in addressing its client’s issues and opportunities.

Capgemini's strong 50-year+ heritage and deep industry-specific expertise enable organizations to realize their business ambitions through an array of services from strategy to operations.

The conviction drives Capgemini that the business value of technology comes from and through people. Today, it is a multicultural company with 270,000 team members in almost 50 countries.

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With iMocha, we accurately assessed our employees' skills and provided training where needed. This saved time, reduced manual tasks, prevented cheating, and ensured industry standards were met. Our organization-wide benchmark for English communication allowed us to identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions on training and participation, resulting in better business outcomes.

- Talent Development Leader at Capgemini

iMocha's partnership

Challenges Faced

Bottlenecks in bench-to-billing - Despite high technical skills, young employees were not being deployed on projects due to poor English communication skils, resulting into empty billable hours and impact on revenue.

Lack of skill benchmarking & training need identification - With a lack of skill benchmarking for business English skills across the organization, identifying skill gaps and training needs would have been costly & time-consuming as it required a new process from scratch.

Lack of holistic evaluation in a single test - There was no tool that could measure performance indicators of business English skills on all four aspects: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing.

The Learning & Development leaders at Capgemini collaborated with iMocha to drive business English skill evaluation of 3,500+ fresh graduate employees.

Skill Consulting for Customized Evaluation

The assessments were created to simulate real-world English communication challenges that employees face during project delivery. The program was developed accessing a large library for all four skills - Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing - and using a mix of three difficulty levels.

Automated, data-driven evaluation with AI-powered engine‚Äç

With AI-powered engine backed by strong NLP models, Capgemini eliminated time-consuming, manual process and replaced it with fast, automated, accurate scoring at scale to evaluate business English skills for fresher training program.

Skill benchmarking & training need identification

Capgemini measured business English competency of the employees and benchmarked their skills against global CEFR standard.

iMocha reports included comprehensive skill-gap analysis with skill-wise breakdown. The in-depth analytics covered critical performance parameters such as language understanding, readability, oral fluency, grammar, vocabulary and more.

Capgemini zoomed into areas of strength & improvements to identify 26% of employees who had training needs and designed targeted training programs.

Reduction in training costs

By identifying employees who scored lower than the benchmark and needed upskilling, L&D managers saved 74% of training costs and spent only that was necessary. 17% of employees who scored low in English Speaking received targeted training to help them deliver better speeches while managing projects.

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With iMocha, get flexible, automated, innovative solutions to make intelligent talent decisions at any scale.

Why iMocha

With iMocha, get flexible, automated, innovative solutions to make intelligent talent decisions at any scale.
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Get all four English skills evaluated from audio & reading comprehension, AI-based speaking ability to business email writing.
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Automated reports give in-depth overview of English skills, CEFR level, skill benchmarking, training effectiveness and more.
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iMocha's extensive skill library considers specific business scenarios and job roles that require effective English communication.
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