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Trusted by 500+ Enterprises

Trusted by 500+ Enterprises
With the advent of digital transformation, organizations need to stay on top of the skills needed to drive this change. Within an industry, stakeholders use different words to describe the same skills and capabilities.

The problem occurs when individuals in the organisation start using multiple terms for the same skills to decipher the meaning related to job descriptions, upskilling/ reskilling, learning paths and career development.

What is Skills Taxonomy?

Skills-first Approach

Skills Taxonomy is a collection of skills arranged in a hierarchical framework that addresses a certain occupation. It may be compared to a vocabulary that is organised.

Multi-Channel Validation

To make information, data, and objects easier to access, examine, and use, taxonomies are used to organise and label them. Taxonomies are employed to arrange and label information, data, and objects, aiming to enhance their accessibility, examination, and usability.

AI-powered Technology

It offers an atomic-level view of workforce skills to assist your company in achieving operational efficiency.

World-Class Taxonomy

Skills Taxonomy refers to a straightforward and easy-to-visualize comprehensive infrastructure of skills that can help your business optimize decisions and make the best of the available human capital.

Start validating the skills of your employees with iMocha's Skill Intelligence platform.

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Unlocking the power of Skills Taxonomy

iMocha’s skill consulting based on taxonomy is foundational in managing all present and future skills required by an organization through a common competency framework. iMocha builds on Skills Taxonomy extracted from curated data providers and leverages generative AI to create ontology, job roles, job profiles with respective proficiency levels for various industries including ITES, BFSI and Telecom.

With generative AI, we have converted hundreds of job profiles into primary, secondary and power skills. We help everyone speak the same language of skills!

Towards Skills Intelligence

Two dashboard screenshots that represent skills ontology & intelligent skill profile

Skills Taxonomy acts as the first level building the structure of skills intelligence within organizations, providing them with a competitive advantage. It would facilitate companies with a better understanding of the skills required based on the changes in the labor market trends and their business strategies. By using skills taxonomies, you can identify skills gaps, work on improving your hiring decisions, and design upskilling/reskilling programs.

Most importantly, you can clearly understand the skills you need to attain your business goals and become a skills-first organization.

Get clear visibility into your talent's current skills with iMocha's Skill Intelligence

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