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    • Angular Developer
    • Web Developer
    • Angular JS Front-End Developer
    • Senior/ Junior JavaScript Developer
    • Full Stack Developer (0 to 5 yrs. of experience)
    • Backbone JS Developer
    • D3 JS Developer/ Expert
    • Data Visualization Expert
    • Ember JS Developer
    • Express JS Developer
    • Jr./ Sr. Front-End Developer - JavaScript
    • JavaScript Programmer
    • JQuery Developer
    • JSON Developer
    • UI Developer
    • Node JS Developer
    • Web Designer
    • Node JS Engineer
    • Front End Engineer
    • Angular JS Programmer
    • React Native Developer
    • React JS Developer
    • JavaScript Programmer
    • Ember JS Developer
    • EXTJS Developer
    • GWT Designer
    • Angular JS Testing Expert – Karma
    • Knockout JS Developer
    • Marionette JS Developer
    • Maven Expert
    • UnderScore JS Developer
    • Dojo Developer
    • MongoDB Expert
    • GWT Developer
    • Automation Testing Engineer- Jasmine
    • Karma QA Engineer
    • UI Developer – Knockout JS
    • MongoDB Developer
    • Spring Batch Developer
    • Vue JS Developer
    • You can utilize ready to use JavaScript knowledge tests from iMocha’s ready skill library to assess & hire JavaScript expert or just ask us to create a new custom test as per your job description.

    Our JavaScript skill tests questions measure the below-mentioned JavaScript skills:

    • JavaScript Skills: Functions, Modules & Classes, Data types & Expressions, DOM (Document Object Model), Event loops, Classes, and Member Functions, String Interpolation, Inheritance, and more
    • Angular Skills: Angular JS- Controllers, Services, Expressions, Interpolation, Angular 2 Directives, Angular 2 Events, Angular 2 Components, Angular 4- Angular Animation, Angular Universal, Data Binding, Routes, Angular 5, Angular 6 and more
    • React JS Skills: Mounting Method, Render Function, Component Optimize, Handling Events, React JS Workflows like Flux, Redux, Data Structure Libraries and more
    • React Native Skills: JavaScript XML JSX, Styling, Interactivity, React Native AppRegistry, Components and Props and more
    • JQuery Skills: JQuery Library, Modules and Classes in JavaScript, Data Types and Expressions in JavaScript and more
    • D3 JS Skills: D3 JS Objects, D3 JS Scale Functions, Data Visualization Method, Arrays in D3 JS and more
    • JSON Skills: JSON Array, JavaScript Objects, XML Code Snippets, and more
    • Node JS Skills: JavaScript Engine, Packages, Directories, Sessions and more
    • Ant Skills: Ant Operation Tags, Running Ant by Command Line, Ant Properties, Working with Targets in Ant, Folder and File Handling in Ant and more
    • Backbone Skills: Backbone JS Segments, Backbone JS Functions, TODO Model, Backbone JS Scripts and more
    • Dojo Skills: Dojo Module, Arrays, Query, Widgets and more
    • Ember JS Skills: Ember JS Configuration, Creating Applications with Ember JS, Developing Actions with Ember JS and more
    • Express JS Skills: : Server and PortsTemplate Engines, Express JS Basics, Building APIs and Routing, Rendering Template and more
    • EXT JS Skills: EXTJS Grid, Grid Feature, Ext Viewport, DOM Elements and more
    • Grunt Skills:Task Configuration, Custom Filter Function, Creating Tasks, Grunt CLI, Task Dependency and more.
    • Gulp Skills: Sourcing Files, Compatibility, Pipelining and more.
    • GWT Skills: Overlay Types, Delayed Logic, History Mechanism, Module Descriptor and more.
    • Jasmine Testing Skills:Filters, Jasmine Spy, Functional Testing, File Loading and more.
    • Karma Testing Skills: Working with Configuration Files, Installing Frameworks using NPM, Excluding Files from Tests in Karma and more
    • Knockout Skills: Data Binding Syntax, Creating a View Model, ViewModels with Parameters and more
    • Marionette JS Skills: CollectionView, Applications, Events, Functions and more
    • Apache Maven Skills: Default Archetype, Dependencies, Directory Base Structure, Archetypes and more
    • iMocha Skills: Data Layers, Statistical Layers, Initializers and more
    • MongoDB Skill: Query Sample, MongoDB Facts, Denormalized Data Models and more
    • NPM Skills: Folder Structures, JSON, Database, Database Objects and more
    • Underscore JS Skills: Map, SortBy Function, Functions, Grouping List and more
    • Vue JS Skills: Vue.js Directives, Lifecycle, Components, Event Modifiers and more

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