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    Use our JavaScript skill tests to assess & hire job-fit candidates for roles such as:

    • Angular Developer
    • Web Developer
    • Angular JS Front-End Developer
    • Senior/ Junior JavaScript Developer
    • Full Stack Developer (0 to 5 yrs. of experience)
    • Backbone JS Developer
    • D3 JS Developer/ Expert
    • Data Visualization Expert
    • Ember JS Developer
    • Express JS Developer
    • Jr./ Sr. Front-End Developer - JavaScript
    • JavaScript Programmer
    • JQuery Developer
    • JSON Developer
    • UI Developer
    • Node JS Developer
    • Web Designer
    • Node JS Engineer
    • Front End Engineer
    • Angular JS Programmer
    • React Native Developer
    • React JS Developer
    • JavaScript Programmer
    • Ember JS Developer
    • EXTJS Developer
    • GWT Designer
    • Angular JS Testing Expert – Karma
    • Knockout JS Developer
    • Marionette JS Developer
    • Maven Expert
    • UnderScore JS Developer
    • Dojo Developer
    • MongoDB Expert
    • GWT Developer
    • Automation Testing Engineer- Jasmine
    • Karma QA Engineer
    • UI Developer – Knockout JS
    • MongoDB Developer
    • Spring Batch Developer
    • Vue JS Developer

    Our JavaScript skills assessment questions measure the below-mentioned JavaScript skills:

    • JavaScript Skills: Functions, Modules & Classes, Data types & Expressions, DOM (Document Object Model), Event loops, Classes, and Member Functions, String Interpolation, Inheritance, and more
    • Angular Skills: Angular JS- Controllers, Services, Expressions, Interpolation, Angular 2 Directives, Angular 2 Events, Angular 2 Components, Angular 4- Angular Animation, Angular Universal, Data Binding, Routes, Angular 5, Angular 6 and more
    • React JS Skills: Mounting Method, Render Function, Component Optimize, Handling Events, React JS Workflows like Flux, Redux, Data Structure Libraries and more
    • React Native Skills: JavaScript XML JSX, Styling, Interactivity, React Native AppRegistry, Components and Props and more
    • JQuery Skills: JQuery Library, Modules and Classes in JavaScript, Data Types and Expressions in JavaScript and more
    • D3 JS Skills: D3 JS Objects, D3 JS Scale Functions, Data Visualization Method, Arrays in D3 JS and more
    • JSON Skills: JSON Array, JavaScript Objects, XML Code Snippets, and more
    • Node JS Skills: JavaScript Engine, Packages, Directories, Sessions and more
    • Ant Skills: Ant Operation Tags, Running Ant by Command Line, Ant Properties, Working with Targets in Ant, Folder and File Handling in Ant and more
    • Backbone Skills: Backbone JS Segments, Backbone JS Functions, TODO Model, Backbone JS Scripts and more
    • Dojo Skills: Dojo Module, Arrays, Query, Widgets and more
    • Ember JS Skills: Ember JS Configuration, Creating Applications with Ember JS, Developing Actions with Ember JS and more
    • Express JS Skills: : Server and PortsTemplate Engines, Express JS Basics, Building APIs and Routing, Rendering Template and more
    • EXT JS Skills: EXTJS Grid, Grid Feature, Ext Viewport, DOM Elements and more
    • Grunt Skills:Task Configuration, Custom Filter Function, Creating Tasks, Grunt CLI, Task Dependency and more.
    • Gulp Skills: Sourcing Files, Compatibility, Pipelining and more.
    • GWT Skills: Overlay Types, Delayed Logic, History Mechanism, Module Descriptor and more.
    • Jasmine Testing Skills:Filters, Jasmine Spy, Functional Testing, File Loading and more.
    • Karma Testing Skills: Working with Configuration Files, Installing Frameworks using NPM, Excluding Files from Tests in Karma and more
    • Knockout Skills: Data Binding Syntax, Creating a View Model, ViewModels with Parameters and more
    • Marionette JS Skills: CollectionView, Applications, Events, Functions and more
    • Apache Maven Skills: Default Archetype, Dependencies, Directory Base Structure, Archetypes and more
    • iMocha Skills: Data Layers, Statistical Layers, Initializers and more
    • MongoDB Skill: Query Sample, MongoDB Facts, Denormalized Data Models and more
    • NPM Skills: Folder Structures, JSON, Database, Database Objects and more
    • Underscore JS Skills: Map, SortBy Function, Functions, Grouping List and more
    • Vue JS Skills: Vue.js Directives, Lifecycle, Components, Event Modifiers and more

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is JavaScript?

    JavaScript is a scripting language which is used both on the client-side and server-side which allows to make web page interactive. JavaScript was initially launched as LiveScript in 1995. JavaScript helps to dynamically update content, control multimedia, animate images, validate form data, etc. JavaScript also supports object-oriented capabilities. It is mainly used to add interactive behavior to web pages, create web and mobile apps, build web servers, develop server applications and game development.

    Why use iMocha’s JavaScript skills tests?

    iMocha's JavaScript skills tests help tech recruiter & hiring managers to assess JavaScript skills of the candidates. Our JavaScript test questions include a variety of question types like Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Multiple Answer Questions (MAQ), Fill in the Blanks, Whiteboard Questions, and Audio/Video Questions, coding questions, AI-LogicBox, Coding Simulator, etc. These tests are designed to evaluate developers on various experience levels (Entry/Intermediate/Senior) and will help you to:

    • Reduce candidate screening time by 85% with our 45+ automated skill tests
    • Reduce hiring time by 45%
    • Increase interview-to-selection ratio by 62%

    How do you assess the JavaScript expert?

    iMocha’s 45+ JavaScript skills assessments includes 180+ MCQ questions ,100+ coding questions and innovative LogicBox questions library, which helps in quantifying JavaScript skills of the candidates. Hiring managers can also use our live coding interviews to conduct coding assessments in real time. We provide seamless web-based IDE powered by Monaco editor which comes with IntelliSense with auto-complete, code linting, and syntax warning. The seamless interface allows candidates and interviewers to communicate via chat and video in a secure setup. The integrated report is generated on the platform to enable hiring teams to make well-informed decisions.

    How do you conduct technical skills assessment?

    You can conduct remote technical skills assessments with 4 easy steps with iMocha:

    1. Select from 1000+ technical skills tests or Job role-based assessments from iMocha’s skill library. Ensure test integrity by adding cheating prevention measures like image, audio, video proctoring, and window lock, etc.
    2. Invite candidates through an email by sharing assessment link
    3. Get comprehensive and shareable reports upon completion of the online technical assessment
    4. Identify right candidates for further interviews

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