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Leverage iMocha’s remote-ready platform, comprehensive skills library,   AI-enabled proctoring, video assessments, and insightful reports to assess and hire the best talent from anywhere.

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We help you simplify your remote hiring process

Whether you are an enterprise or a small business, assess candidates remotely and grow your team with our plug-and-play remote hiring solution.

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Customers Love iMocha

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“With the onset of COVID 19, in-person interviews were thrown out of the window. As we shifted to remote hiring, iMocha was instrumental in transforming our end-to-end-process. We created the tests with multiple question types, conducted remote video interviews and have hired 10 candidates in the past two months.”

-Valierie Rothlin,
Senior Technical Recruiter Fujitsu
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Revamp your Remote Hiring Strategy

Assess candidates accurately on any skill

Leverage our 2,000+ calibrated assessments to test candidates on any skill in a few minutes and without any technical know-how. Each test is carefully vetted and benchmarked by industry experts to assess candidates with the highest accuracy.

Choose from ready job-role tests or build a customized assessment. Our world’s largest skills library enables you to build customized assessments for any technical, digital, functional or customer-facing roles.

Create a multi-faceted assessment with a combination of technical and functional skills to get a 360-degree view of candidate knowledge and expertise.

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Conduct remote hiring interviews smoothly

Whether it is an automated interview, live interview, or a live coding interview that you want to conduct, our video interview platform is designed to deliver a smooth interviewer and candidate experience.

Collaborate seamlessly with your hiring team in real-time. You can invite a panel of 3 interviewers to assess a candidate thoroughly and reduce the number of interviews.

With our Live Coding Interview platform, you can assess candidates on 25+ programming languages with 1,500+ coding problems in real-time. Use our state-of-the-art features to brainstorm with candidates, understand their thought processes, and evaluate their coding skills.

Remotely assess skills and hire top talent

Easily collaborate with your hiring team no matter where they are located with iMocha’s remote hiring process. Engage, invite, and assess candidates objectively with a secure and seamless assessment platform. iMocha has already helped 150+ customers to switch to remote hiring successfully.

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Bring innovation to your hiring

Remote recruitment demands that you are always a step ahead while assessing candidates. That is why we continuously deploy exciting innovations that are game changers in their own right. One such innovation is the AI-LogicBox that has gained tremendous traction as it allows to assess coders for languages that do not have online compilers.

Our fun and quick candidate assessments and industry-leading innovations encourage a collaborative approach to hiring and enhance the candidate experience. We have implemented strict processes to ensure each question is thoroughly vetted for EEOC parameters. Further, our advanced data security measures ensure the total confidentiality of candidate data.

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Ensure 100% integrity in remote hiring

With our AI-powered proctoring measures, you don’t have to worry about any malpractices during candidate assessments. Our platform has built-in real-time image, audio, and video capturing features that are compatible with multiple browsers. The images and videos of the candidate are captured through the webcam and any suspicious activity, or behaviour is flagged in the assessment report. We have also deployed state-of-the-art proctoring measures such as Advanced Window Lock and IP Tracking to ensure complete test integrity.

Whether you are a recruiter or a hiring manager, our remote hiring solution offers complete peace of mind with its comprehensive suite of proctoring measures.

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"Owing to the pandemic, we wanted to shift to remote hiring. iMocha's platform offered us all the features that we required and their customer success team ensured a smooth onboarding for us. We've used the assessments to remotely shortlist 30 candidates so far and are extremely pleased with the platform."

- County of Santa Clara
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Say hello to seamless plug-and-play integrations

Leverage our ready integrations with top ATS such as iCIMS, Workday, Taleo, Lever and more to streamline your hiring activities. All the vital information a recruiter needs about a candidate, from application to evaluation, will be at their fingertips with iMocha’s 1-click integration. This helps you maintain a single repository of your entire recruitment data.

And there’s more. Our user-friendly DIY integration completely eliminates dependency on technical teams. You can launch automated candidate assessments in just a few clicks – anytime, anywhere.

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Make informed decisions

Eliminate guesswork from your hiring decisions with a host of recruitment analytics and intuitive dashboards. Our class-leading suite of reporting and analytics is designed to give you actionable insights to evaluate candidate as well as recruiter performance.Evaluate your candidate pipeline, measure test performance, and analyze invitation data as well. You also get in-depth reports to measure candidate engagement and determine recruiter or interviewer’s effectiveness. 

Our solution also captures individual feedback from multiple interviewers to give you a thorough assessment of a candidate’s performance. You can also build custom reports to slice-and-dice data the way you want and make data-driven decisions.


“Our biggest challenge was remote hiring. There was lot of apprehension about the process and integrity. However, iMocha has a super-smooth platform and we have since shortlisted 180 candidates remotely.”

World Food Programme
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