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iMocha’s remote hiring solution
Remotely assess the skills of candidates
Conduct remote hiring interviews with ease
Prevent cheating and detect fradulent activities
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Use intelligent talent analytics to make better hiring decisions
With the onset of COVID-19, in-person interviews were thrown out of the window. As we shifted to remote hiring, iMocha was instrumental in transforming our end-to-end process. We created the tests with multiple question types, conducted remote video interviews and have hired 10 candidates in the past two months.

Valerie Rothlin-Fenton,
Senior Technical Recruiter

Remotely assess candidates accurately on any skill
iMocha has the largest skill assessment library in the world with 2500+ skill assessments. Recruiters and hiring teams can use this library to remotely assess candidates in just a few minutes without any technical know-how. Each test is carefully vetted and benchmarked by industry experts to assess candidates with the highest accuracy.

You can either choose from ready job-role tests or build a customized assessment.
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Salesforse CRM

Java Developer

Scrum master

Data Scientist

A screenshot of the dashboard for searching job roles & skills tests for remote hiring assessment
Conduct remote hiring interviews smoothly
Using iMocha’s solution, you can conduct automated interviews, live interviews and live coding interview. You can collaborate seamlessly with your hiring team in real-time. Invite up to 3 interviewers to assess a candidate thoroughly and reduce the number of interviews.
Video Interview
Prevent cheating and detect frauds in remote hiring
iMocha’s fraud detection mechanism significantly reduces the cheating done by candidates. Also, it enables recruiters to detect the exact instances of how and when the cheating occurred. iMocha uses candidate ID verification, smart video proctoring and safe assessment browser experience for cheating prevention and fraud detection.
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Intelligent talent analytics for better hiring decisions

Eliminate guesswork from your hiring decisions with a host of recruitment analytics and intuitive dashboards. iMocha’s talent analytics give you actionable insights to evaluate candidate as well as recruiter performance.

Evaluate your candidate pipeline, measure test performance, and analyze invitation data as well. You also get in-depth reports to measure candidate engagement and determine recruiter or interviewer’s effectiveness.

Candidate performance scorecard in pie chart
Candidate pipeline flow in the remote hiring process
Santa Claws
Owing to the pandemic, we wanted to shift to remote hiring. iMocha’s platform offered us all the features that we required and their customer success team ensured a smooth onboarding for us. We’ve used the assessments to remotely shortlst 30 candidates so far and are extremely pleased with the platform.
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Assess candidates remotely using iMocha.

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