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    Use our Basic Programming Skills test to assess candidates for job roles such as:

    • Entry Level Software Engineer
    • Software Engineer with 0 to 1 year of experience

    iMocha’s Basic Programming Skills test questions are designed to evaluate a candidate’s skill level in various subjects such as

    • Analytical Thinking to assess candidate’s knowledge of thinking ability using the questions of Logical problems, Analytical Thinking, Cause & Effects etc.
    • C language to assess candidate’s basic knowledge in language C
    • DBMS to assess candidate’s knowledge of data management. This comprises high, medium, easy level questions.
    • Project Planning to assess candidate’s knowledge of planning to avoid risk, Risk Analysis, Risk Management, Risk Monitoring etc.
    • Software Engineering to assess candidate’s knowledge of basic software testing
    • Software Engineering Design to assess candidate’s knowledge of Software structure design, Software Architecture, Software Interacting Components etc.

    “iMocha‘s test for checking certain basic skills which an entry level graduate must possess has proved extremely useful. It covers all aspects of technical theory such as programming, database management, testing and architecture. Moreover the aptitude is also checked. We truly approve of their multi-competency tests.”

    Subhash Trivedi
    CEO - Jobpedia

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