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Use our Basic Programming Skills test to assess candidates for job roles such as:

  • Entry level software engineer
  • Software engineer with 0 to 1 year of experience

iMocha’s Basic Programming Skills test questions are designed to evaluate  candidate’s skill level in various subjects such as

  • Analytical thinking - to assess a candidate’s thinking ability using questions of logical problems, analytical thinking, cause and effects, etc.
  • C language - to assess a candidate’s basic knowledge in C.
  • DBMS - to assess a candidate’s knowledge of data management. This comprises high, medium, and easy level questions.
  • Project planning - to assess a candidate’s knowledge of planning to avoid risk, risk analysis, risk management, risk monitoring, etc.
  • Software engineering - to assess a candidate’s knowledge of basic software testing.
  • Software engineering design - to assess a candidate’s knowledge of software structure design, software architecture, software interacting components, etc.


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