All Job Role Based Assessment Skills

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    Use job role-based assessments to evaluate and hire for technical job roles such as:

    • Python Full Stack Developer
    • Junior Python Programmer
    • ML Engineer with Python
    • Data Scientist with Python
    • DevOps AWS Engineer
    • AWS Developer
    • AWS Engineer
    • AWS Cloud Architect
    • C# .NET Architect
    • C# .Net Senior Developer
    • C# .Net Junior Developer
    • Full Stack .Net Developer
    • Entry Level Computer Graduates
    • Full Stack Web Developer
    • Java Architect
    • Sr.Java Developer
    • Jr. Java Developer
    • Java UI Developer
    • Java Full Stack Developer
    • Linux System Administrator
    • Digital Marketing Specialist
    • Windows Administrator
    • Salesforce Admin
    • Salesforce Developer
    • RPA Developer
    • UiPath Developer
    • Blue Prism Developer

    Job-role based assessment questions evaluate the following technical skills of the candidates

    • Python Skills: Python Coding, Python Concepts, Django, SQLite Coding, & more.
    • ML Engineer with Python Skills: Python, Data Science, Algorithms, Machine Learning, & more.
    • AWS Skills: AWS Concepts and Functions, DevOps AWS, Ansible and Jenkins, Built and CI Automation, & more.
    • C# .NET Skills: .Net Core Fundamentals, .Net Web API, MS SQL, C# 6.0, Dot Net OOPs, & more.
    • Java Skills: Core Java 8, Java Design Patterns, Spring MVC, MS SQL, Java Coding, SQLite Coding, OOPs Concepts, & more.
    • Linux System Admin Skills: Linux Bash, Linux/Unix Administration, Networking Fundamentals, Cloud Computing Fundamentals, & more.
    • Digital Marketing Skills: SEO, Google Analytics, LinkedIn Marketing, Facebook Marketing, & more.
    • Windows Admin Skills: Windows Server 2016, Networking Fundamentals, Cloud Computing Fundamentals, Customer Service, & more.
    • Entry Level Computer Graduates Skills: OOPs Concepts, Data Structures & Algorithms, Coding (Easy and Medium), & more.
    • Salesforce Skills: Lead Conversion Mapping, Time-Bound Workflow, Job Application Object, Apex Sharing, Visualforce and Aura Component, Architecture, Integration, Migration, & more.
    • Data Scientist with Python Skills: Python and Libraries, Data Mining, Data Wrangling and Correction, & more.
    • RPA Skills: Task Bot, Commands System Variables, Screen Capture Command, RPA tools, & more.
    • UiPath Skills: Data Input to Web Application, REFramework, Excel Automation, Optical Character Recognition, & more.
    • Blue Prism Skills: Blue Prism VBO Data - SQL Server, Runtime Resource (RR), Calculate_Process, & more.

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