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Live Coding Interview is an interactive experience to hire experienced coders, where evaluators can remotely assess the candidate’s logical skills and problem-solving abilities real-time.
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Why iMocha Live Coding Interview?
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Evaluate the thought-process and approach of candidates
Get real-time collaborative assessment experience
Eliminate written feedback and time-intensive processes
Maintain a high invite to appear-ratio
Avoid multiple interview rounds and reduce time to hire
Collaborate seamlessly with your hiring team in real-time. You can invite a panel of 3 interviewers to assess a candidate thoroughly. Eliminate the need to conduct multiple interview rounds, and avoid high candidate drop percentage and poor experience.
live coding video interview where several interviewers assess the candidate together
Improve the invite to appear ratio of candidates
Experienced coders do not prefer traditional coding assessments, which reduces the appear to interview ratio. On the other hand, hiring managers cannot evaluate coding skills over Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or a telephonic interview. Live Coding Interview ensures that the candidate attends & enjoys the coding assessment while hiring managers assess them thoroughly.
Total invitations sent with attendees data shown to improve appear ratio of candidates
Collaborative evaluation to understand the candidate’s thought-process
Live Coding Interview provides a pair-programming experience for you to evaluate how the candidate approaches problem-solving in real-time. LCI creates a collaborative and engaging experience for the candidate and the hiring managers.
Collaborative evaluation of interviewer with interviewee during the live coding assessment

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Only hire coders who write high-quality code
iMocha features that allow you to assess the quality of the code.
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Is the code robust, reliable & maintainable?

iMocha provides Code Quality Reports that evaluate the code on robustness, reliability, and maintainability, thus giving you deeper insights into the code quality.
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Check the coder’s approach

Code Replay lets you see the entire video to check the coder’s approach while writing the code. It also shows the instances where the code was compiled, thus allowing you to gauge the candidate’s mind map and code writing capabilities.

Track memory usage and execution time

iMocha’s analytics give you the specifics regarding the memory usage and the execution time to check the quality of the code, thus giving you additional data points to make a better hiring decision.
iMocha’s coding experience
Candidate Test
Code Stubs save the coder’s time, by letting him focus on the logic.
Intellisense saves the coder’s time by providing auto-completion of code lines.
Customizable Editor Keyboard (Vim/Emacs) and Editor Theme (Dark/Light)
Custom test input allows the coder to test code by using their own inputs.
World’s largest skill library
With our Live Coding Interview platform, you can assess candidates on 25+ programming languages with 1,500+ coding problems in real-time.



JavaScript and Google V8 engine

Shell scripting






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