Live Coding Interview

Interact with coders in real-time, assess developer skills on 25+ programming languages, collaborate with teammates to make data-driven decisions  

live coding interview

A fully remote real-time coding interview platform

Easily invite candidates, and conduct collaborative coding interviews in a seamless web-based IDE powered by Monaco editor

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Customers Love iMocha

"iMocha helped us to discover the coding styles and abilities of our candidates in real-time. Made it quite easy for us to find out candidates who would be more comfortable with our working style."

- Leading IT Services company

Assess and hire best coders with the world’s largest coding problems repository

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Assess developers live in action

Collaborate with teammates scattered across the globe to evaluate candidates’ logical skills and problem-solving ability in real-time with a well-rounded assessment tool

Conduct coding interviews remotely, with ease

Collaborate seamlessly with your hiring team in real-time. You can invite a panel of 3 interviewers to assess a candidate thoroughly and reduce the number of interviews. Eliminate the need to conduct multiple interview rounds, resulting in a high candidate drop percentage and poor experience.

With our Live Coding Interview platform, you can assess candidates on 25+ programming languages with 1,500+ coding problems in real-time. Use our state-of-the-art features to brainstorm with candidates, understand their thought processes, and evaluate their coding skills.

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Eliminate written feedback and time-intensive processes

iMocha's Live Coding Interview comes with a pre-built interview rating feature that captures the score of the interviewers for multiple parameters. Each interviewer can review and rate the candidate based on their performance. Interviewers and other stakeholders can also replay the candidate’s code line by line with Code Replay. The integrated report is generated in the platform to enable hiring teams to make well-informed decisions.

Go beyond resumes to truly assess developers on job-specific skills and minimize the risk of bad hires.

How iMocha hired a rockstar developer using Live Coding Interview

We genuinely believe in the features we built, and what better way to showcase them than hiring one of our developers remotely through a Live Coding Interview.

Watch our Director of Engineering, Vishal Madan, demonstrate how we hired Deewanshu Nikhare.

imocha hired rockstar developer

Deliver a world-class virtual experience

Our Live Coding Interview provides an excellent virtual experience for candidates and hiring teams with an intuitive and free-flowing design. Powered by Monaco editor, a favorite among developers, iMocha's web-based IDE provides IntelliSense with auto-complete, code linting, and syntax warning. All coding challenges come with pre-added code stubs to allow candidates to focus only on the coding logic.

The seamless interface allows candidates and interviewers to communicate via chat and video in a secure setup. Ensure your company’s branding with iMocha’s advanced white-labeling features.

"Owing to this pandemic, we had to quickly revamp our hiring process. With everything going remote, we took a chance with iMocha's Live Coding Interview platform and it has worked wonders for us!"

- Leading Technology company

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Live Coding Interview

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