Automated Video Interviews

Reduce your hiring time with one-way video interview questions to assess technical and soft skills in a single assessment
Automated Video
Use video interview questions to remotely connect with candidate and evaluate crucial skills prior to the final interview
Screenshot of Video Assessment Dashboard in which Candidates record their answers for one-way interview
Customers Love iMocha
"After the initial assessments, setting up the interview was a task due to scheduling conflicts. iMocha has helped us eliminate this hassle, where we can assess hard skills as well as soft skills in a single assessment. Now, it's just one report and the job is done."

- Jose Correa

Senior Manager, Capgemini
Accelerate your Hiring Process with Automated Video Interview Assessments
Reduce 70% Interview Time
Making sure that the candidate is confident, good at communication, and a cultural fit is very important before calling them for an interview.
  • Efficiently evaluate candidates on technical, functional, and communication skills in a single assessment
  • Add video questions with ease to any assessment
  • Customize video questions as per job-roles
Candidate Video Interview Report
Collaborative Hiring
Eliminate Scheduling Conflicts
Enable candidates to record themselves answering the questions in their comfort. One-way video questions make the screening so easy, literally at your fingertips.
  • Easily view the status of video interviews in a centralized dashboard
  • Eliminate dependency on hiring managers and candidates for interview scheduling
  • Candidates can appear for assessments from anywhere,anytime
Collaborative Hiring Made Easy
Multiple recruiters and hiring managers can easily review the answers and decide whether the candidate is a fit for the job-role or not.
  • Streamline your hiring process by sharing reports with Hiring Managers and recruitment teams
  • Make data-driven hiring decisions, faster
  • Eliminiate conscious and subconscious bias
A screen showing the automated interview assessment status in the dashboard is helpful for a recruiter to collaborate
1 Click Integration with Greenhouse, Jobsite, ICIMS, SmartRecruiter, Lever, and Taleo
Seamless Plug & Play Integrations
Do not work in silos. iMocha enables you to garness the power of skill assessments by integrating with your choice of ATS partners.
  • Maintain a single repository for all your recruitment data with our 1-Click integration
  • Leverage ready integration with top ATS like iCIMS, Workday, Taleo, Lever, and more.

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