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    Our online test for Linux administrator helps to assess candidates for job roles such as:

    • Linux System Administrator
    • Linux Server Administrator
    • Linux Files Manager
    • Linux System Developer
    • Linux System Engineer
    • Linux Administrator
    • Linux System Programmer
    • Website Developer- Linux
    • Associate System Administrator
    • SysOps Administrator

    Linux admin online test questions measure below mentioned skills

    • Linux Shell programming
    • Linux Commands
    • Linux Files
    • Files management in Linux
    • Collection of files
    • Output of certain processes on files
    • Commands used to provide required information to the file in Linux.
    • Meaning of specific Commands in Linux Shell, Output of operations performed using certain commands, Correct use of commands and knowledge about different commands that perform same functionality with reference to Linux Shell
    • Linux Operating System, Networking Basics, Data Warehouse

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