AI Skills Inference

AI Skills Inference

Unlock top talent by leveraging AI to transform extensive candidate data into insights, enabling data-driven decisions 

iMocha's AI Inference utilizes advanced algorithms and machine learning to analyze not just the information on the resume, but also a candidate’s outcomes from assessments, interactions, and behaviors during the hiring process.


Streamline the recruitment process by quickly identifying candidates who meet the specific skill requirements of the job.

Grow your
Talent Pool

Expand talent pool by identifying often-overlooked skills in candidates, enhancing diversity in potential hires.

Make Objective
Hiring Decisions

Leverage comprehensive skills data and AI-driven insights to make informed and unbiased hiring decisions.

Data to Enable Smarter Hiring Decisions

iMocha’s AI Model uses certifications, education, and experience to analyze resumes, helping recruiters understand candidates' skills and qualifications.

Transform Job Descriptions into Skill Sets

iMocha uses NLP and customer taxonomy to extract job-relevant skills from the job description, creating specific job profiles with required proficiencies.

Enhance Talent Mapping with Adjacent Skills

Inferring Adjacent Skills enriches the taxonomy by identifying related skills that have not been explicitly mentioned, providing a deeper understanding of the skills landscape.

Validate Skills using Employee Data Inference

iMocha goes beyond assessments, using AI for multi-channel skills validation by analyzing social data, past performance, training records and more.
Case Study
Capgemini Engineering reduces the time to interview by 40% with iMocha’s customized skill assessments & intelligent interview reports.