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All DevOps Skills

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    Use DevOps technical tests to assess and hire for job roles such as

    • DevOps Engineer
    • Salesforce DevOps Developer
    • DevOps AWS Engineer
    • Ant Specialist
    • Java Application Developer
    • Ansible Developer
    • Java developer – Ansible
    • Jenkins Developer
    • DevOps Engineer - Ansible / Jenkins
    • Linux Kernel Developer
    • DevOps Engineer - Puppet / Chef
    • Chef Consultant
    • Puppet Expert
    • Maven Expert
    • Apache Maven Specialist
    • Senior Java Application Developer
    • Full Stack Developer
    • API Engineer
    • Backend Developer
    • Git Developer

    DevOps skill test questions evaluate the following relevant skills of the candidates

    • DevOps Salesforce Skills: SOSL Query, Case Assignments Rules, Data Management, Formula Field and Validation Triggers, & more.
    • DevOps AWS Skills: AWS Concepts and Functions, DevOps AWS, Ansible and Jenkins, Built and CI Automation, & more.
    • Apache Ant Skills: Ant Operation Tags, Running Ant by Command Line, Ant Properties, Working with Targets in Ant, Build File Structure Concepts, & more.
    • Ansible & Jenkins Skills: Omanaged Nodes Setup, Inventory Using 'Become', Patterns, Dynamic Inventory, Ad-hoc Commands, Playbooks, Architecture, Handlers, Conditionals, & more.
    • Puppet & Chef Skills: Node Objects, Recipe, Configuring Nodes, Recipe and Attributes, Chef Client-Server Configuration, Authentication and Security, Knife Plugins, Chef Server, Run Lists, Relationships and Ordering, & more.
    • Git Skills: Git Commands – Remote, Log, Init, Config, Commit, Merge, Git Prune, Branch, & more.
    • Apache Maven Skills: Working with Maven, Working with Default Archetype in Maven, Working with Dependencies in Maven, Maven's Directory Base Structure, & More.

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