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Use performance testing skills assessments to assess and hire for job roles such as:

  • Performance Test Engineer
  • Performance Test Analyst
  • Systems Performance Test Engineer
  • Performance Test Lead
  • Technical Test Lead - Performance Testing
  • LoadRunner Tester
  • Performance Tester
  • Performance Test Engineers (JMeter)
  • Performance Engineer - Appdynamics

  • API Tester
  • Automation Tester
  • Automation Test Analyst
  • Web Services & API Tester
  • Performance Diagnostic Engineer
  • Application Performance Manager - Dynatrace Platform
  • Performance Diagnostic Engineer
  • Appdynamics Engineer

Performance testing tests evaluate the following relevant skills of candidates:

  • Performance Testing Fundamental Skills: Factors in Performance Testing, Performance Testing Types, Metrics, Metric Analysis, Load Testing, Spike Testing, Volume Testing, and more.
  • LoadRunner Skills: LoadRunner, Script, Scheduler, Methods, Components in LoadRunner, and more.
  • Jmeter Skills: Controllers, Scripting, Bean Shell Component, Thread Ground, Test Scheduler, HTTP Samplers, and more.
  • SOAPUI Skills: Creating Functional Test, Managing Tests, Running Tests, Debugging Tests, Steps/Code/Commands, and more.
  • Postman API Testing Skills: Scripts, Sandbox, Flags, Newman CLI, Properties, SAML Setup, Dynamic Variables, and more.
  • Dynatrace Skills: Log Monitoring API, Log Monitoring, Anonymization API, Synthetic Monitoring API, Dynatrace API- Authentication, Charting, and more.
  • AppDynamics Skills: Remote Services, Database Visibility, Troubleshooting Analytics, Moving Nodes, Universal Agent, Container Metrics, and more.


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