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Data Interpretation Test
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Data Interpretation Test

Our online test enables recruiters and hiring managers to assess a candidate’s Data Interpretation skills. This test helps hire Data Analysts, Research Analysts, Lead Analysts, Associate Data Analysts, and Data Specialists. The Data Interpretation test identifies the skill-fit candidates and reduces hiring time by 45%.

A pie chart and a line graph drawn on a whiteboard, representing data analysis or visualization

Data Interpretation Online Test

Data interpretation refers to a person's ability to correctly extract and analyze meaningful information or data from various data sources such as charts, tables, graphs, etc. It involves different steps like data requirements, data collection, data processing & data analysis. Depending on the collected statistics and information, the individual should be able to formulate & present predictable positive outcomes. This is a very critical skill for the members from sales, finance, and IT domains, who need to prepare reports, extract data and draw analysis from the same.

Two important use cases for Data Interpretation skill test

#1 Identifying job-fit candidates based on job roles

iMocha helps in assessing your candidate’s skills by customizing skill assessments as per the given job role. Our team of experts go through job descriptions thoroughly and lists out the set of functional, technical, and soft skills that will be required for the role. Our skill assessments help to evaluate candidates' knowledge. Furthermore, on the basis of their scorecard, you can hire job-fit candidates.

#2 Skill-gap analysis of your employees

Pre and post-training assessments help to analyze the skill set of employees according to the company's requirements. Our test report allows you to measure employees' learning progress. iMocha platform can also be integrated with a number of legacy LMS where our tests can help you perform skill gap analysis.

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How it works

Test Summary

Our test helps you to screen candidates who possess skills as follows:

1. Excellent numerical and data interpretation skills.

2. Strong analytical skills and quantitative modelling capability.

3. Strong experience in business analysis and data analysis.

4. Ability to work on different types of chart data and extract information.

iMocha’s test platform helps you easily invite candidates to take online tests. You can get instant results and an option to share these results with your recruiting team.

Our Data Interpretation aptitude test helps recruiters and hiring managers to access candidates. iMocha’s online test is created & validated by experienced Subject Matter Experts (SME) and is designed to analyze candidate’s analytical and critical thinking.

The data analysis & aptitude test enables employers and recruiters to identify very high-quality candidates in the fields where one must work with large datasets. The candidate can take online data interpretation tests from anywhere in the comfort of their time zone.

Useful for hiring
  • Data Scientists
  • Data Analysts
  • Research Analyst
  • Lead –Data Analyst
  • Associate Data Analyst
  • Data Analyst Specialist
  • Business Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Sales Analyst
  • Investment Analyst
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Pie Chart

The data interpretation online test assesses a candidate’s ability to represent and understand data through pie charts.

Bar Chart

Our data interpretation skills test evaluates a candidate's ability to understand and represent data through a Bar Chart.

Ratio-Proportion Problems

The test also gauges candidates based on their knowledge of ratio-proportion problems on the data.

Percentage of Increase/Decrease Problems

The DI test assesses knowledge of percentage change for cracking data interpretation.


Sample Question
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Pie Chart


The following pie chart indicates the percentage of the votes received by different candidates (designated by different letters) in the Presidential election.
Pie Chart with Percentage Votes
Due to some issue, candidate C withdrew his candidacy. His votes were then transferred to the remaining candidates, distributed according to the ratio of their original percentage. For e.g., Candidate F will receive the least amount of votes from C, as F has the least amount of votes. What is the new percentage of votes for candidate A?

  • 21%
  • 12.4%
  • 23.5%
  • 33.75%
A helicopter view of the employee's progress
Test Report
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How does a Data Interpretation assessment test helps recruiters hire people?
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When it comes to selecting the right candidates through specific skills, iMocha is the perfect choice. iMocha’s team makes your job easier by offering “Custom Test” feature. This test helps create data interpretation online test stick to a job description. Our skill assessment platform reduces hiring time and lessens the workload of recruiters.

Which certification should a recruiter look for Data Analysts?
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Some of the certifications are:

  • Microsoft Certified: Power BI Data Analyst Associate
  • Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate
  • IBM Data Analyst Professional Certificate
  • SAS Statistical Business Analyst Professional Certificate
  • AWS Certified Data Analytics

What are the common interview questions for Data Analysts?
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Listed below are the common interview questions:

  • Mention the differences between Data Mining and Data Profiling?
  • Define the term 'Data Wrangling’ in Data Analytics
  • What are the various steps involved in any analytics project?
  • What are the common problems that data analysts encounter during analysis?
  • Which are the technical tools that you have used for analysis and presentation purposes?

What are the roles and responsibilities of Data Analysts?
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Some of the roles and responsibilities are:

  • Should be able to retrieve and gather data
  • Should know how to implement and maintain databases
  • Should know how to gather data from primary and secondary sources
  • Should be able to identify, analyze, and interpret trends from the data

What are the required skillsets of Data Analysts?
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Following are the skillsets:

  • They should have a domain knowledge
  • They should have problem solving skills
  • They should have statistical knowledge
  • They should have good grip over writing and communication
  • They need to create data visualizations

What is the package of Data Analysts?
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On an average basis, Data Analyst earns $80,343. The average compensation of a Data Analyst in US is $41,326.