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Remote Work Fit Test
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Remote Work Fit Test

This test helps talent managers identify individuals for remote work environments by evaluating essential skills like adaptability, accountability, planning and organization, collaboration with effective communication and more. This assessment helps reduce hiring costs by up to 40% and conduct department-wide training needs analysis.

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What is Remote Work Fit?

It refers to an individual's skills, work style, and personal characteristics that align with the demands and requirements of remote work. Strong written and verbal communication skills are essential for remote work.

Why use iMocha's test?

This test is created and validated by our experienced Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to assess candidates' and employees’ Remote Work Fit skills per industry standards. It helps recruiters and L&D managers evaluate individuals' expertise in time tracking, diversity, inclusion, body language, etc. Moreover, With the help of our test analytics feature, you can evaluate employees' and candidates' strengths and weaknesses in a single dashboard and make data-driven talent decisions.

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How it works

Test Summary

Remote work fit test helps to screen candidates possessing the following skills:

  • Good understanding of true collaboration, time tracking and body language
  • Excellent knowledge in diversity and inclusion
  • Excellent email communication

This test is designed according to EEOC guidelines. Therefore, it will help you assess & hire diverse talent without bias. Recruiters and talent managers can access comprehensive reports for each candidate to get an overview of their performance in each section at a glance.

Moreover, the Test Insights section helps to identify skill-fit individuals’ more accurately with score distribution and section analysis features. Read on this blog to unveil top remote work resources and tools for recruiters and hiring managers.

Useful for hiring
  • Managers
  • Strategist
  • System Admins
  • Software Tester
  • Software Engineers
  • Analyst
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Topics Covered

Trust collaboration

This section helps recruiters understand individuals’ trust collaboration skills for remote work and evaluate them based on their knowledge of work, communication skills, and how the results are accounted for.

Time tracking

It gauges individuals’ time management skills in remote work which include the ability to set goals, focus, organize, prioritize, communicate and delegate.

Diversity and inclusion

This section evaluates individuals' inclusive communication skills, which require a receptive attitude, a degree of empathy, active listening, and a great awareness of other cultures and perspectives.

Body language

It enables the recruiters and L&D managers to understand individuals’ meeting etiquette with their body language and behavior, like being on time, listening without interrupting, not having their phones out, and being prepared.

Email tools

It helps you evaluate a candidate’s and employees’ email etiquette, observance, and communication of generally accepted standards of sense, grammar, and politeness when sending email messages.

Sample Question
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Q 1. You are attending a meeting with a client from a different culture. However, the meeting is not going well because the client seems angry. What is the best way to handle this situation?

Apologize for anything you may have said that was offensive.
Explain that you did not mean to offend them and ask them to explain why they are angry.
Ignore the issue and hope it goes away.
Get angry and confront the client; argue with them about why they are wrong to be angry
A helicopter view of the employee's progress
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How does a Remote Work Fit Test help recruiters hire candidates?
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This test evaluates individuals’ knowledge of Trust collaboration, Time tracking, Diversity and inclusion, Body language, etc. It assesses candidates’ competencies on basic, intermediate, and advanced levels. Therefore, this test enables you to make skill-first hiring decisions.

How can I customize this test?
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This test can be custom created according to your requirements. For example, you can personalize this test by combining it with other related technical and non-technical skills. Moreover, you can also get the ability to set the difficulty level of the questions according to the requirement of the role.

What are the required skill sets for this role?
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Listed below are some of the skillsets required for this role

  1. Communication Skills
  1. Technology Proficiency
  1. Time and Task Management
  1. Self-Motivation and Discipline
  1. Adaptability and Flexibility