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Workplace Etiquette Skills Test
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Workplace Etiquette Skills Test

This skill test assesses individuals based on their understanding of workplace behavior and professionalism. It also enables you to measure the skill competency of your existing employees to identify which areas to focus on for training and development.

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What is Workplace Etiquette?

It refers to the unwritten code of conduct that guides how individuals should behave at work. Observing proper workplace etiquette goes a long way toward creating a positive working environment. It fosters positive communication, nurtures a collaborative environment, and controls social behavior within an organization.

Why Use iMocha's Workplace Etiquette Skills Test?

This test allows you to scrutinize your applicant pipeline effectively, streamline the tedious selection process, and reduce technical screening time by 80%. Additionally, the in-built test reports analytics feature helps talent professionals evaluate learners' skills, compare them with organization, and create appropriate employee training programs.

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How it works

Test Summary

This test helps to assess the following capabilities:

  • Ability to work with other colleagues.
  • Good understanding of punctuality in work and meetings.
  • Keep workplace conversations respectful and professional.
  • Participate in meetings productively and respectfully.
  • Follow up and respond to emails, messages, and other requests in a timely manner.
  • Respect and abide by company policies and procedures.
  • Ensure that confidential company information and data are not shared without permission.

Furthermore, its proctoring feature ensures individuals take the test under controlled conditions and eliminates cheating risk.

Useful for hiring
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Executive Assistants and Receptionists
  • Managers and Supervisors
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Healthcare Professionals
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You can customize this test by

Setting the difficulty level of the test

Choose easy, medium, or tricky questions from our skill libraries to assess candidates of different experience levels.

Combining multiple skills into one test

Add multiple skills in a single test to create an effective assessment and assess multiple skills together.

Adding your own
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How is this skill test customized?
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The assessment can be customized in a number of ways. Talent professionals can set the difficulty level of the test to assess job-fit candidates in the pipeline and upskill employees at work. You can incorporate multiple skills (both technical & non-technical) into a single test. It can include skills like communication, leadership, collaboration, business, and numeracy skills.

The test's algorithm also allows you to add your own questionnaires for effective personalization.

What are the most common interview questions related to Workplace Etiquette?
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Listed below are some common interview questions on the subject:

  • What is meant by business etiquette?
  • What does "being proactive" mean?
  • How will you prioritize tasks while ensuring deadlines are met?
  • How will you handle a conflict or disagreement with your co-worker?
  • How will you adapt to a new work environment while demonstrating good work etiquette?
  • How can you improve the quality of your work without spending too much time on it?

If you are looking for a more custom set of questions, iMocha can help!

What are the required skillsets to work on Workplace Etiquette?
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Following are the skill sets required for maintaining business etiquette and a professional code of conduct:

Hard Skills

  • Accounting
  • Technology
  • Software
  • Writing
  • Marketing
  • Designing  

Soft Skills

  • Communication skills  
  • Critical thinking
  • Teamwork, networking, and collaboration
  • Leadership and motivation skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Negotiation skills