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Organizational Skills Test
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Organizational Skills Test

This test helps recruiters & L&D managers to assess the organizational skills of candidates and employees, in areas such as time management, goal setting, emotional intelligence, business communication, & critical thinking.

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Organizational Skills Test

This test helps you determine if the individual possesses the abilities required to carry out various and crucial functions required for this role. Plus, this Organizational skills assessment test measures an individual’s capacity to use resources like time, energy, strength, mental capacity, physical space, etc. In fact, with its test analytics functionality, you can even rate individuals based on their test performance and data-driven talent decisions.

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Test Summary

Organizational skills test helps to screen the candidates who possess skills as follows:

  • Good understanding of evaluating goals & Smart goals
  • Knowledge of emotional intelligence in business communication
  • Knowledge of Organizational Business Communication
  • Understanding of Communication fundamentals
  • Hand-on experience in critical thinking tools
  • Clear vision of understanding time management principles

Assessing candidates’ and employees’ skill proficiency with our online test is secure and reliable. Moreover, our role-based access control feature allows you to limit system access based on the specific roles of individual users within the recruiting team. This test also features proctoring capabilities like window violation and webcam, to help detect cheating during the test.

Useful for hiring
  • System Admin
  • Manager
  • Training Coordinators
  • Recruiters
  • Field Executive
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Topics Covered

Time management principles

This section helps you assess an individuals’ time management skills in order to produce outcomes that are effective, efficient, and productive.

Evaluating goals

This test will help you determine whether the individual has a goal-setting mindset and behavior that supports success.

Emotional intelligence in business communication

It helps you understand an individuals’ interpersonal skills by better understanding their emotional intelligence. This test can help them advance within the company and create a more positive work atmosphere.

Organizational Business Communication

It helps you gauge how well an individual can communicate and organize. An individual with strong communication and organizational abilities can lead well.

Communication fundamentals

This test can be used to evaluate an individuals’ ability to process ideas, opinions, facts, feelings, etc. in communication.

Critical thinking tools

It helps you in gauging an individual’s ability to critical thinking, such as logically evaluating an argument and reaching a conclusion.
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Career goals


Q 1. You attend a class every Thursday after work to learn a new language. Your supervisor asks you about this class on your way out. How do you respond?

You tell them it's something you've always wanted to do.
You tell them it's a hobby.
You tell them you like learning foreign languages since childhood.
You tell them you want to progress in your career and migrate to a foreign country.
A helicopter view of the employee's progress
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How does an Organizational Skills test help recruiters hire people?
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This test can help recruiters identify job applicants with the right set of skills and knowledge necessary for successful job performance. With the help of this test, you can assess skills like Time Management Principles, evaluating goals, organizational business communication, etc.

How can I customize this test?
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This test can be custom created according to your requirements. For example, you can personalize your Organizational Skills test by combining it with other related technical and non-technical skills. It can include topics like Time Management Principles, evaluating goals, and organizational business communication. You can also get the ability to set the difficulty level of the questions according to the requirement of the role.

What are the most common interview questions asked for this role?
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Here are a few essential questions for this role

  1. Can you provide an example of a time when you successfully managed multiple projects or tasks simultaneously? How did you prioritize and organize your work?
  1. How do you approach setting goals and creating action plans to achieve them? Can you give us an example of a goal you set and the steps you took to accomplish it?
  1. How do you handle competing deadlines or unexpected changes in priorities? Can you share a specific situation where you had to adapt and reorganize your work to meet new requirements?
  1. What tools or strategies do you use to stay organized and manage your time effectively? How do you ensure that your complete tasks are on schedule?
  1. Describe a situation where you had to delegate tasks to others. How did you determine which tasks to delegate and to whom? How did you ensure the successful completion of the delegated tasks?

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