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Relationship Building Skills Test
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Relationship Building Skills Test

Relationship Building test is the definitive pre-hire skill assessment test created to assist hiring managers and recruiters in gauging candidates' various technical and non-technical skills.

This test is useful for hiring various job roles like client relationship managers, business relation officers, customer relation associates, account relationship managers, and more.

Using this test, you can reduce your hiring time by 45% and improve the interview-to-selection ratio by 62%.

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Relationship Building Skills Test

1. What is Relationship building?

Relationship building deals with the act of building and maintaining meaningful relationships with clients, colleagues, partners, and more. It is a communication-focused role with a solid ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams to enhance business and customer relations. It involves nurturing relationships over time by establishing rapport with others, internally or externally.

2. Why use iMocha's Relationship building skills test?

Our SMEs designed the relationship-building online skills test per the latest industry trends to assist recruiters and hiring managers in making smart hiring decisions based on skills first insights. With the help of this test, employers can assess candidates' skills such as client relationship management, building partnership, communication, setting boundaries, and more.

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How it works

Test Summary

Relationship building skills assessment helps screen candidates who possess the following skills:

  • Exhibit exceptional communication skills to build healthy, long-term relationships with clients, colleagues, suppliers, and partners.
  • The ability to build trustworthiness and intimacy over time
  • Potential to resolve conflict in relationships by identifying areas of mutual interests.
  • Building healthy relationships through effective time management skills.
  • Strengthening relationships by setting boundaries.

Our relationship-building skills test quickly and objectively identifies job-fit candidates without bias. It also provides role-based control features to limit access based on the individual member’s users within the recruiting team. Additionally, the test report analysis is completely reliable because of the inbuilt cheating prevention tools such as window violation, image and video proctoring, and so on.

Useful for hiring
  • Sales Representatives
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Public Relations Specialists
  • Business Development Managers
  • Event Planners
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How is Relationship building skills test customized?
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This test of iMocha can be custom created to the role required in your organization, such as employees' and candidates' skill levels and experience. Our SMEs can individualize the assessment to measure primary and secondary abilities, such as communication skills, data management skills, client relationship management skills, and more.

What are the most common interview questions related to Relationship building?
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Here are a few critical questions related to this field:  

  • What does relationship-building mean to you?  
  • What are the primary methods for building and maintaining good relationships at work?  
  • How do you deal with employees who keep making the same mistakes repeatedly?  
  • How to train the sales team to use CRM software?  
  • Provide 2-3 ways the sales team can follow up with their leads in the marketing funnel.  
  • What method do you suggest for collecting customer feedback?  

Looking for more individualized questions? iMocha can help!  

What are the required skill sets to work on Relationship building?
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The list of technical and non-technical skills to be considered while hiring is as follows:  

Technical Skills:  

  • Listening Skills  
  • Problem-Solving Skills  
  • Negotiation Skills  
  • Conflict Resolution Skills  
  • Data Analysis Skills  
  • Networking Skills  
  • Project Management Skills  

Non-technical Skills:  

  • Empathy  
  • Communication Skills    
  • Interpersonal Skills  
  • Collaboration Skills  
  • Emotional Intelligence Skills