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Market Risk Skills Test
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Market Risk Skills Test

This test helps talent managers accurately evaluate and measure an individual's Financial Markets Knowledge, Quantitative Skills, Problem-Solving Abilities, and other abilities required for the job. Leverage this test to make skills-first hiring and upskilling decision.

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What is a Market Risk?

It refers to the potential for losses arising from fluctuations in financial markets. The risk of adverse price movements or changes in market conditions can impact the value of financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, or derivatives.

Why use iMocha's Market Risk skills test?

Talent acquisition and development managers can utilize this test to measure and evaluate an individual's skills readiness in real-time. It enables you to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of individuals in a data-driven form. Furthermore, its in-depth reporting capabilities allow you to evaluate their section-wise performance and compare multiple individuals in a single dashboard.

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Test Summary

This test assesses the following skills of individuals:

  • Understanding financial markets, including various asset classes, market instruments, trading practices, and market dynamics.
  • Analyzing large amounts of data and using quantitative models to measure and assess risk.
  • Understanding the ideas, strategies, and frameworks of risk management.
  • Ability to analyze market data, identify risk indicators, and estimate the impact of market events on the portfolio or trading operations of the organization.
  • Detecting possible data abnormalities or flaws that may influence risk assessments.
  • Strong problem-solving skills, including thinking critically, identifying hazards' fundamental causes, and devising risk-mitigation methods.

This test also features AI-powered proctoring capabilities to eliminate the chances of cheating during the assessment.

Useful for hiring
  • Market Risk Analyst
  • Market Risk Manager
  • Market Risk Officer
  • Market Risk Specialist
  • Market Risk Consultant
  • Market Risk Controller
  • Market Risk Modeller
  • Market Risk Strategist
  • Market Risk Associate
  • Market Risk Supervisor
Test Duration
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Entry Level/Mid/Senior
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Market Sentiments

This section helps to assess individuals' potential risks and make informed investment decisions.


It helps to analyze individuals' understanding of diversification, and its benefits can demonstrate their ability to effectively manage and mitigate market risk.

Rate of Return

It allows recruiters and L&D managers to test employees' understanding of the rate of return calculations, such as average annual return, compound annual growth rate (CAGR), and risk-adjusted return metrics.

Ratio Analysis

It assesses an individual's ability to analyze ratios such as liquidity, profitability, and leverage ratios.

Systematic Risk

This test assesses an individual's understanding of systematic risk, its origins, and techniques for mitigating it. It can also indicate an individual's comprehension of larger market dynamics and risk management tactics.

Types of Risk

It aids in assessing the grasp of the many aspects of risk that might affect investment portfolios.
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How is the Market Risk skills test customized?
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This skills test is customizable and can include primary and secondary skills. Using this test, you can assess various topics, such as Financial Markets Knowledge, Quantitative Skills, Problem-Solving Abilities, and other abilities. Moreover, you can also select the type of questions or request a custom creation.

What are the most common interview questions related to this domain?
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Some of the frequently asked interview questions related to this role are:


  • How do you assess and measure market risk in investment portfolios?
  • What are the key types of market risk, and can you provide examples of each?
  • How do you analyze market trends and investor sentiment to anticipate potential risks?
  • Can you discuss some risk management strategies or techniques you would employ to mitigate market risk?

If you are looking for a custom set of questions, iMocha can help!

What are the required skillsets to work on Market Risk?
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Here are some of the key skills and competencies required for this profession:

Technical Skills

  • Financial Knowledge
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Risk Management Tools
  • Programming and Data Analysis
  • Financial Modeling

Non-technical Skills

  • Analytical Thinking
  • Problem-Solving
  • Communication Skills
  • Decision-Making
  • Financial Regulations and Compliance
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