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Use our Microsoft Azure Developer skill tests to assess candidates for job roles such as:

  • Cloud Engineers are responsible for managing many technical processes through cloud-based systems
  • DevOps Cloud Engineers are involved in coordinating with cloud developers to integrate cloud-based solutions
  • Cloud Infrastructure Engineer develops a robust and secure cloud-based infrastructure
  • Cloud Consultant provides technical studies and researches

  • Two important use cases for cloud skills assessment test

    Identifying job-fit candidates based on job roles

    iMocha helps you create customized skill assessments according to the job role. Apart from this, skill assessment is prepared as per the job descriptions given to our team. Our team have a glance over the job description carefully and list down the skills required for the job role and with prepared assessments, you can identify the job-fit candidates easily.

    Skill-gap analysis of your employees

    The effectiveness of training can be measured with the help of Pre-and Post-training assessments. These assessments show scores based on learning. Besides, iMocha platform can be integrated different legacy LMS and cloud assessment to bring out skills gap analysis.

    Test Creation Process

    We offer different types of Cloud Computing assessments to evaluate candidates' specific skills. Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) create questions according to their experiences. For example, a Cloud Computing expert create questions on Encryption, RDS engine, Cluster Configuration, etc.
    You have a liberty to choose the questions from our skill library or ask us to create customized tests.

    The overall objective of cloud computing test is to evaluate primary skills of the candidates.

    Primary skills can be evaluated through a cloud assessment. For a cloud specialist, each organization possesses a different combination of skill requirements as there is difference in each IT infrastructure and security policies.

    Our questions measure the following relevant skills:

    • Web Role
    • Worker Role
    • SQL Azure
    • Azure Tables
    • PaaS
    • IaaS
    • Azure Queue
    • Assess the basic, intermediate, and advanced knowledge of each test taker


    How is cloud computing test customized?
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    Referring to the job description, our SMEs can customize the assessment based on the required primary and secondary skills, some of which cluster configuration, datastores, RDS engines, cloudwatch integration and many more. Likewise, questions can be customized based on the difficulty level and experience of candidates.

    What are the certifications required for this role?
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    Certifications required for Cloud Computing developer are noted below:

    • Amazon Web Services (AWS) solutions Architect Associate
    • Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals
    • Google Associate Cloud Engineer
    • IBM certified Technical Advocate Cloud V3
    • Cloud security Alliance: Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge

    What are the most common interview questions for this role?
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    Some of the most common Cloud Computing interview questions are:

    • What are the benefits of Cloud Computing?
    • What is Hybrid Cloud?
    • What do you mean by Distributed Cloud?
    • Explain MultiCloud
    • Describe various service models
    • Explain the difference between traditional data center and Cloud

    What are roles and responsibilities of cloud developer?
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    The roles and responsibilities of Cloud Developers include:

    • Designing as well as Implementing Cloud infrastructures
    • Cloud Developer needs to train staff in the new standards and processes
    • They give guidance on Cloud architectures
    • Cloud Developer is supposed to capture services by making use of performance indicators.

    What are the required skillsets for this role?
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    Here are some of the required skillsets of Cloud Developer:

    • Programming languages
    • Cloud Service platform-expertise
    • Network management
    • Cloud Security
    • Machine Learning and A.I
    • Development and operations

    What is the package of cloud developer?
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    According to Coursera, Cloud Developers in the US earns $115,032 per year. The amount varies depending on education, certifications, experience, employer and location of Cloud Developers.

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