AI Skills Match

AI Skills Match

Align job descriptions and resumes through skills, and guide talent to the most relevant roles

iMocha offers AI Skills Match, a solution to aggregate and refine external talent, delivering highly accurate candidate matches to the organization’s skills architecture and integrating seamlessly with recruitment tech solutions.

Optimize Talent Screening

Streamline the screening process by quickly identifying candidates who meet the specific skill requirements of the job.

Candidate Pool

Enhance your success rate of discovering top talent with the perfect skills and experience match.

Objective Hiring Decisions

Make informed and unbiased hiring decisions based on comprehensive skills data and AI-driven insights.

Find Job-fit Candidates Faster

Transform job requisitions into skills-first architecture, matching candidate data with intelligent profiles using iMocha’s detailed industry-standard ontology.

Leverage Data to Empower Strategic Hiring

Using iMocha’s AI, candidate data converts into intelligent profiles, enabling objective assessment, data-driven recruitment, and hiring for adjacent skills.

Find the Perfect Hire with Ideal Candidate Profiles

Ideal Candidate Profile (ICP) helps recruiters identify top candidates by job titles, certifications, industry expertise, employers, and location, narrowing down the job-fit applicant pool.

Comprehensive Assessment Library of 3000+ Skills 

Evaluate real-world capabilities and forecast candidate performance when employed, using iMocha’s comprehensive assessments in technical, functional, soft, and cognitive skills.  
Case Study
Capgemini Engineering reduces the time to interview by 40% with iMocha’s customized skill assessments & intelligent interview reports.