Multi-channel Skills Validation

Multi-channel Skills Validation

Revolutionize the way to manage employee skills and unlock their true potential

iMocha's innovative multi-channel skills validation approach is designed to transform the connection between job roles and employee capabilities, prioritizing what truly matters, i.e. their skills.

Enhance Accuracy in Skills Validation

Through a combination of self and manager validation, and leveraging AI-inference, achieve a more nuanced and accurate validation of each employee's skills.

Increase Employee Engagement & Retention

Active participation of employees in assessing their skills leads to higher engagement, retention rates and satisfaction scores.

Optimize Training & Development Budgets

By accurately identifying skills gaps and potential areas for growth, tailor your organization’s training programs more effectively.

Comprehensive Assessment Library of 3000+ Skills

Recognize the true potential of your people with iMocha’s comprehensive skills assessments to accurately evaluate technical, functional, soft, cognitive and other skills.

Leverage Employee & Manager Validation

Enhance skills validation with self-evaluation to foster awareness and career development, and with manager’s feedback to gather leadership insights.

Deeper Skills Insights through AI-inference

Leverage AI to gain employees’ skills insights from social data, resume parsing and data from internal systems such as LMS and PMS.
Case Study
How Hexaware upskilled employees for a 40% spike in productivity